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Ultra Violet:Pinkish Continent

Pinkish Continent
UV PinkishContinent.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Pinkuppo Tairiku
Pinkish Continent



Events Decapitating Fall
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Glass Pipe World
Ancient Ruins NoReturn

BGM BGM023ふぁーふぁ
Map ID 0040, 0042

The Pinkish Continent is an area accessible from the Glass Pipe World.

Map of Pinkish Continent


The Pinkish Continent is a purple island surrounded by pink water. On this island are several eggs with cracked tops that reveal a flashing, green interior.

Upon entering the main area of the continent, Sometsuki can travel southwest to come across a large building that can not be entered. Near this building is a vending machine near a bench. West of this building are more cracked eggs, which grow in number around where a single uncracked egg can be found. Interacting with the uncracked egg will give Sometsuki the Egg effect.

South of the building is a hole in the ground with two small footprints indicating where Sometsuki can jump. Normally, this jump simply leads to the Ancient Ruins. However, if the jump area is interacted with while the Headless effect is equipped, or that you are unlucky enough to trigger it (1/10 chance), then the Decapitating Fall event will occur. Instead of simply landing in the area, Sometsuki will fall head-first into the ruins and will be instantly decapitated, leaving a large bloody mess on the ruins and screen. As a result, Sometsuki instantly wakes up face-down on the floor next to her bed, where getting up reveals she now has a nosebleed.


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