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Ultra Violet:Schoolgirl's Room

Schoolgirl's Room
UV SchoolgirlsRoom.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)





"green" Window Type

Events Schoolgirl's Diary
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Fantasy Badlands


BGM045ん” (Schoolgirl's Diary Event)
BGM044あたたかくないよ (Schoolgirl's Trap)

Map ID 0021, 0039, 0109

The Schoolgirl's Room is an area accessible from a small rocky building in the Fantasy Badlands.


The Schoolgirl's Room is a small room that largely resembles Sometsuki's Room, having a bed, desk, television, and sliding door. The walls are also decorated with plant-like markings and rabbit plushes are scattered throughout the room. The room's only inhabitant is Midoriko.

Upon entering the house, Midoriko can be primarily found doing four different things: sitting at her desk, sleeping in her bed, standing around, or sitting in front of her television. Sleeping in Midoriko's bed for the first time will give Sometsuki the "green" Window Type. If the Rabbit or Ribbon effects are equipped, Midoriko will appear to walk in place, possibly as a sign of joy.

Upon entering the room, there is a 1/48 chance Midoriko will be absent from her room and the diary on her desk will be open as its pages flip automatically. If the bedroom is in this state and Sometsuki approaches and interacts with the diary, the room will drastically change. The background will turn red and the walls will be adorned with vines and blood as Midoriko towers over Sometsuki. If the player attempts to move, Midoriko will come down and eat Sometsuki, sending her to an empty, looping world with a distorted background consisting of what appear to be various facial features. The only way to escape this world is by using the Egg effect or waking up.


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