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Yume Nikki:FC World C

FC World C
Basic Info



Map Type Medium, Non-looping, Multiple maps
Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas


Removed Connections

Dense Woods A NoEntry (0.09
Windmill World NoEntry (0.09


いかる ひのやま
Fire Mountain

Map ID 0153 (Moai peninsula)
0158 (Main FC World)

FC World C is an unused deeper location that would have been another accessible section of the overarching FC Worlds. It consists of a very large area east of the FC World A and FC World B maps, but it cannot be reached in any way without cheating or editing the game in RPG Maker. However, in version 0.09, an unused event known as NASU Link would have had NASU appear in the Dense Woods A and Windmill World, taking the player to this location.


There are no events or NPCs in this area, so there is nothing to do. There is a small area with moai heads in the northeast section of FC World C, though it does not have a proper loading zone and can not be exited, requiring Madotsuki to either pinch herself awake or use the Medamaude effect to exit.

Some parts of FC World C's west side can be seen from FC World B, confirming that the full FC World map still exists during normally gameplay, though it is just unreachable.


A video showing the unused NASU link event that would take you to this area.