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Yume Nikki:FC World A

FC World A
Basic Info
Original Name(s)




Map Type Medium, Non-looping, Multiple maps
Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Static Tunnel
FC Dungeon
FC House DeadEnd↩️


いかる ひのやま

Map ID 0145 (Cave from Static Tunnel)
0147 (FC Ruins)
0158 (Main FC World)

FC World A is a deeper location that is part of the FC Worlds, and can be accessed by traveling through the Static Tunnel.

Map of the FC Ruins


The overworld is characterized by its many features, such as small bodies of water, volcanoes, and bridges. Exiting from the Static Tunnel entrance and going south in the overworld leads to a castle-like area called the FC Ruins. This area has some Lizardmen NPCs that show a dialogue box with a string of random numbers when interacted with.

In the FC Ruins, there is a set of stairs in the right section of the room. Going down these stairs leads to the FC Dungeon, which has many dark rooms, making the Lamp effect useful. There is another staircase on the north side of the FC Ruins room, though it can not be reached from this world, requiring Madotsuki to find it in the FC Basement. Even then, it is an enclosed area that does not offer any physical reward for getting to it.


NexusGraffiti WorldMallDense Woods B (Frog Path)Teleport MazeStatic Tunnel → FC World A