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Yume Nikki:Dense Woods A

Dense Woods A
Vending Machine DW.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)




Events NASU Link (version 0.09, unused)
Notable NPCs Jellyfish, NASU (version 0.09, unused)
Connecting Areas

Puddle World
Road NoReturn
Guillotine World Trap🚷
Hell Trap🚷

Removed Connections

Mural World
FC World C NoReturn

BGM じめじめしてるところ (Dense Woods A)
Map ID 0042 (Dense Woods A)

0043 (To Infinite Road)

0044 (Infinite Road entrance)

0045 (Infinite Road)

0046 (Infinite Road exit)

Map Type Large, Looping, Non-looping, Multiple maps
Version Added 0.00
Map of Dense Woods A

The Dense Woods A (also known as the Sea of Trees) is an area accessible from Puddle World. It is a densely forested area featuring a long looping road.


There is a vending machine here, which can be immediately seen when entering from Puddle World. Rain falls as the player traverses the world, and persists if you leave to the infinite road. This can be stopped by equipping then un-equipping the Umbrella effect. There are two passages in the trees found in the road, which lead up into the woods, and connect to each other. The only NPC in this area is a lone Jellyfish that can be seen on the road which jingles when interacted with. Heading west will cause the area to loop while heading east will lead to the Infinite Road. Once you leave towards the Infinite Road, you will not be able to backtrack to Dense Woods A.

Infinite Road

The road loops endlessly to the east as the player travels past a group of Floyag. To escape, travel slightly east past the empty point where you started (until it is out of view) then travel west. You will know if you were successful by the appearance of a green Floyag standing alone. Escaping the Infinite Road will lead to the Road, a section of Dense Woods B. Traveling past the group of Floyag a total of three times will open the manhole to the White Desert Mountain Ring, and traveling past them six full times changes the appearance of the character that appears under the manhole.


NexusPuddle World → Dense Woods A


  • In the Dense Woods A, there is an offscreen Jellyfish found south of the map. The only way you can access it is by using a hack or glitch to no-clip through the trees. When interacted with, it crashes the game, due to the event calling for a graphic that doesn't exist.
    • In version 0.04, the Jellyfish is placed right next to the lone lamppost in the northern section cutting through the trees. It functions properly in this version, simply making a bell noise like other Jellyfish.
    • While this Jellyfish is also offscreen in version 0.06, it also functions properly in this version. The reason why it crashes in 0.10 is that the image called in the Jellyfish's event actions was not updated to reflect the file name changes present in 0.10. Specifically, it looks for a file named イベント5, but this file was renamed to イベント_005 in 0.10.
  • An unused event in version 0.09 known as NASU Link had the character from NASU appear in Dense Woods A. Interacting with it would lead the player to the unused FC World C.
    • Curiously, it was set to appear next to the same lamppost where the Jellyfish mentioned in the above trivia point stood originally.


A video showing the unused NASU event in version 0.09.