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The FC Dungeon, one of the FC Worlds.

The FC Worlds (short for Famicom Worlds) are a set of deeper dream worlds in Yume Nikki.


The FC Worlds are a set of worlds that all feature simplified, NES/Famicom-styled graphics. Upon entering one of the FC Worlds, Madotsuki's sprite will change (as well as any sprites for effects she has equipped). The user interface in the FC Worlds is also different from other worlds, as the menu and any text boxes will now have a white border and black background while taking up a significantly smaller portion of the screen.


Below is a list of worlds that are considered FC Worlds:

FC World A and FC World B

Full map of FC Worlds A and B (as well as the unused FC World C). Notable areas are marked.

FC World A and FC World B are two FC Worlds with similar traits: they are both islands found within the same map that largely have mountains, volcanoes, and pools of lava. The two also have ruins or settlement subareas within them that may lead to other FC locations. Despite these similarities and being located on the same map, they are not connected and must be reached through two different means.

FC World A takes up the northwestern side of the FC World map. It is reached from the Static Tunnel and places Madotsuki in a subarea on the northern side of the island near a cave leading back to the Static Tunnel. Upon exiting this subarea, the player can travel south to reach a set of ruins with a staircase leading to the FC Dungeon.

FC World B takes up the southwestern side of the FC World map. It is reached by interacting with a Pirori in the Barracks Settlement and places Madotsuki in a subarea on the eastern side of the island near a coast with two head statues and three FC-styled Pirori wandering around. Upon exiting this subarea, the player can travel southwest to reach another set of ruins with red totems. Here is a staircase leading deeper into the ruins, where Buyo Buyo, who gives the Buyo buyo effect, can be found. Additionally, further west from this is a subarea with six pyramids that may occasionally have the FC Demon in the middle, who will take Madotsuki to the FC House when interacted with.

FC Dungeon

The FC Dungeon is a dark labyrinth accessed from FC World A. The player is able to use the Lamp effect to more easily navigate the dark dungeon. The last room of the dungeon has a completely monochrome color scheme with no music, leading to the White Desert's Underground Lagoon.

The FC Dungeon also houses the Famicom Glitch event, which has a 1/3 chance of occurring every time Madotsuki goes to sleep. The event can be activated by interacting with the upper-left corner of a specific room, which will be accompanied by an empty text box. Continuing to interact with the wall will cause the graphics to scatter and corrupt before the game "crashes" and Madotsuki is forced to wake up.

FC House

The outside of the FC House.

The FC House is another FC location, accessed from the Static Maze. The area starts off as a green field with many trees and a single house. Said house contains a basement with many rooms, staircases, and unique characters. One room in the house also houses the FC Demon, who will give the Demon effect upon interaction. This area is also notable for having a full-length music track play in the field area, differing heavily from the short and looping music found throughout the game's other dream worlds.

One particular part of the FC House's basement leads to an isolated section in FC World A, located within the ruins that the FC Dungeon is accessed from. However, this small isolated space does not have anything notable about it and does not contain any reward or secret for finding it. Another room within the basement contains a castle wall, a complete change in style, and several Goblins who have a higher chance of dropping yen when killed.

FC World C

FC World C is an unused and empty location as of version 0.10. An unused event called NASU link can be found in version 0.09, which connects to this area if enabled. It notably takes up a large portion of the map it shares with FC Worlds A and B, making up all of the archipelago's eastern side.

The only subarea associated with FC World C is a single room with a hand-like pattern on the ground slightly resembling Medamaude. The hand pattern also has several head statues placed around it. The subarea would normally be exited from the bottom of the room, although there are no areas programmed to be connected to the subarea, so it essentially traps the player.


FC World A

The NexusGraffiti WorldThe MallDense WoodsTeleport MazeThe WildernessStatic Tunnel → FC World A

FC World B

The NexusDark WorldThe WildernessBarracks Settlement → FC World B

FC Dungeon

The NexusGraffiti WorldThe MallDense Woods BTeleport MazeThe WildernessStatic TunnelFC World A → FC Dungeon

FC House

The NexusShield-Folk WorldStatic Maze → FC House


  • Some elements of the FC Worlds appear to be inspired by actual games released for the NES/Famicom. For instance, the FC House's exterior and basement resemble Ninten's House and Rosemary's House, respectively, from Mother/EarthBound Beginnings and the FC Dungeon resembles several dungeons from the first Final Fantasy game.
  • On copies of the Uboachan translation of Yume Nikki downloaded before July of 2023, it is possible for the game to crash trying to access these worlds with all twenty-four effects, due to a misnamed file. To fix this, rename FCM2ALL.xyz in the folder "Picture" to FCM2ALL.xyz (with the superscript "2" character) or redownload the game.