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    Yume Nikki:Snow World

    Snow World
    YN Snow World.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Igloo (Igloos)

    Effects EffectYuki-onna
    Events None
    Notable NPCs Yuki-onna, Toriningen, Kamakurako
    Connecting Areas

    Pink Sea
    Staircase of Hands Chance🍀
    Hell Catch☠️

    Removed Connections

    Face Carpet Plaza
    Footprint Path B

    BGM さむくてあったかい、ふゆ〜雪の世界〜
    Map ID 0014 (Main area)
    0022 (Top-middle igloo)
    0023 (Top-left igloo)
    0024 (Surprise Toriningen igloo
    0025 (Bottom-left igloo)
    0026 (Kamakurako's Igloo
    0027 (Igloo near Toriningen)
    0028 (Pink Sea entrance)
    Map Type Large, Looping
    Version Added 0.00

    Snow World is one of the twelve original locations accessible directly from the Nexus.

    Map of Snow World


    Snow World is a rather large openly-looping world themed around a snowy taiga, featuring a gentle snowfall, a few clusters of coniferous trees, and a few groups of igloos. The music here has a very prominent and calming melody, even featuring bell chimes that are similar to the ones made by the Jellyfish.

    There are seven igloos found in this world, three of which can have something inside. In the group of five igloos, a small girl named Kamakurako can be found sleeping in one of them. The igloo in the southeast has a pink puddle which will teleport Madotsuki to the Pink Sea upon interaction. One igloo directly south of the Nexus door has a Toriningen walking next to it. Stabbing the Toriningen with the Knife effect and then retreating into the igloo northeast of the one housing Kamakurako will reveal a second Toriningen inside, which will trap Madotsuki in Hell.

    A bed can be found in this area, surrounded by trees. It can be most easily found by going directly west from the Nexus door and then passing south through the two trees close to each other. Getting into the bed has a 1/5 chance of sending Madotsuki to the Staircase of Hands each dream session. By using the Hat and Scarf effect to transform into a snowman in this world and then getting into the bed to be taken to the Staircase of Hands, the player can experience the Melting Madotsuki event if the warp to the area is successful.

    Northwest of the bed is a smaller cluster of trees where the Yuki-onna resides. When Madotsuki approaches, it will attempt to run away, though not at an incredibly fast pace. Interacting with it will give Madotsuki the Yuki-onna effect, which she can equip and then unequip to stop the falling snow in the area.


    Nexus → Snow World


    • In versions 0.04 and 0.06:
      • Snow World had connections to the Footprint Path and the Face Carpet Plaza via pink and purple gates, respectively.
      • The aforementioned Toriningen that would wait inside the igloo did not exist yet.
      • The igloo that leads to the Pink Sea did not exist yet. This would not be added until version 0.07.
    • If the player enters the Staircase of Hands through the Snow World bed and then heads up the stairs to return to Snow World, the constant falling snow will be absent.