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    Yume Nikki:Lamp World

    Lamp World
    YN Lamp World.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)


    Effects EffectLamp
    Events None
    Notable NPCs Walking Lamp
    Connecting Areas

    Number World
    Checkered Tile Path Return🚩

    Removed Connections

    Footprint Path B
    Guillotine World

    BGM 1、2、あ〜数字の世界〜
    Map ID 0031
    Map Type Large, Looping
    Version Added 0.00
    Map of Lamp World

    Lamp World (電燈小部屋, Light Room) is a dark world filled with lamps. It is quite large and openly-looping, which makes it easy to get lost.


    Lamp World is an entirely black space save for various streetlights scattered throughout the world. Unlike the lamps found in Puddle World, they can not be switched on and off. A single lamp that is shorter than the world's other lampposts can be found, which sends Madotsuki to a small portion of the Checkered Tile Path with Closet Madotsuki. A small building with the walls of Number World can also be found here, with a door leading to a small canal where Steve 'Leif' Kareha can be seen inching by after a while.

    A single NPC lives in Lamp World, that being the Walking Lamp. Finding them and interacting with them will give Madotsuki the Lamp effect.

    The Toriningen found in Number World can trap Madotsuki in an isolated section here when caught after stabbing them with the Knife effect. Inside the isolated section is a tile resembling a bloodshot eye. Stepping on the eye will turn all of the world's floor tiles into the same pink eye, almost forming several faces. This is one of two variants of the ああああああああ event.


    NexusNumber World → Lamp World


    • The binary ones and zeroes leading to Lamp World may respectively refer to the on and off states of the various lamps. Typically, one refers to an on/closed state and zero refers to an off/open state for electrical circuits. It may also indicate why the lamps can't be switched on and off: the binary ones and zeroes are fixed.
    • In versions 0.04 and 0.06:
      • Lamp World was accessed through the door in the Nexus that leads to Number World in later versions and contains some of its features. Number World was not added until version 0.08.
      • The music was completely different, and was also used in the old version of Face Carpet Plaza. This song was removed in subsequent versions.
    Old Lamp World & Face Carpet Plaza Music
      • The map had connections to the Footprint Path A and the Checkered Tile Path through pink and purple gates, respectively.
      • The Toriningen in the Checkered Tile Path could send the player into an enclosed room here featuring nothing but a bed. Upon sleeping in it, the screen will darken, but nothing else happens.
      • There is a candle that you can stab in the bedroom area, but nothing happens besides putting the flame out.
        • In version 0.07, a down arrow pointing to this area was added to the wall, indicating that KIKIYAMA may have intended for it to have more of a purpose.
        • The same location was revamped for YUMENIKKI –DREAM DIARY–.