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    Yume 2kki:Art Exposition

    Art Exposition
    2kki ArtExposition.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)


    Effects EffectNone
    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Animated Hub
    Omurice Labyrinth NoReturn➡️

    BGM Color2 (Main Area) (No. 019C)
    first_time_Tatsuspam (Checkered Corridors) (No. 891A)
    first_time_Tatsuspam (fast) (Mini Checkered Corridor) (No. 891B)
    Tatsuspam_walking_in_the_park (Tilescape) (No. 894A)
    Tatsuspam_walking_in_the_park (slow) (Tilescape (Isolated)) (No. 894B)
    y24u_00039 (Cyberpunk City (Normal)) (No. 892A)
    Y24U_00039_REV (Cyberpunk City (Inverted)) (No. 892B)
    ehren_ethereal (Crystal Pond) (No. 893)
    luok_nowheretogo (Blue Seabed) (No. 898)
    Roninnozlo_Pi4_Rust (Love Prayer Passage) (No. 897)
    MM_cascade (Crimson Hallway / Outlined Checkerboard) (No. 896A and 896B)
    ggk (Floating Head / Strange Painting) (No. 895A and 895B)
    svr_Virtual (Rainbow Tiles Room) (No. 817B)
    konaki_loop05 (Sakura Forest Painting) (No. 526C)
    nami (Realistic Beach Painting) (No. 179H)
    svr_City (Nocturnal Grove Painting) (No. 816B)
    sound3g_ (Long Painting) (No. 368E)
    sound5g (Multicolored Hall) (No. 583B)
    bgm013 (Figurine Field) (No. 276I)
    Map ID 2813, 2814
    Version Added 0.123a patch 2
    Primary Author Nadeko
    Contributing Author(s) 21keb

    The Art Exposition is a world accessible from the white button passage in the Animated Hub.

    Full map of Art Exposition.


    The exposition initially appears as a large museum filled with a variety of paintings, some of which reference other dream worlds. The exhibition contains many subareas, some of which link to each other or may be disorientating, making the area very labyrinthine.

    Main Gallery

    The main gallery is a set of hallways with paintings hanging on the walls. The walls are white with a black trim, and the floors are beige tiled. There are also pale wooden stairs, and the occasional potted plant.

    In order to reach other parts of the Art Exposition, you must find and enter some black doorways with white question-marks hanging from the lintel. There are many paintings to look at in the main gallery as well, both unique and references to other parts of the dream world.

    To the right of the Animated Hub entrance is a short north-south hallway with a doorway at the upper end. This leads to Figurine Field, a large white room full of stick figures, with another door at the north end leading to the first door of Checkered Corridors' bottom side.

    North of the entrance and up some stairs, a door by a painting of a pink eye leads to a short hallway with a "No photography" sign and the Crimson Hallway painting, the door at the other end leading to the inverted Cyberpunk City. Further north is a large chamber with a black-and-white silhouette painting, and even further north is two more halls with three doors: The top left leads to the center of the right edge of Blue Seabed; the one in the corridor with the night sky and pink silhouette painting leads to a (one way) long painting that somewhat resembles (and has the same music as) the Snowy Apartments, that then leads to the third door of Checkered Corridors' top side; Finally, the one past the painting of Cerulean School's banana peel - and next to the Pillar Ark painting - leads to the same part of the inverted Cyberpunk City as the Crimson Hallway painting's room.

    Heading left at the large chamber instead of north takes you past a painting of red mountains. A door here, by a painting of Broken Faces Area's Danger Panic Zone, leads to a painting of Realistic Beach; The purple teleport rune takes you back to the main gallery, while the yellow rune leads to the top half of Checkered Corridors at the leftmost door. Heading past the Broken Faces Area painting leads to a purple city skyline picture and another fork; The spiraling hall with the Urotsuki statue leads to Outlined Checkerboard; stepping on the large white area at the bottom left brings you back. The top right hall features a painting of the Opal Archives' dressing room, a blue vending machine painting (that can still dispense drinks for 150 !), and another chamber. The top left hall has a door next to a painting of an invisible man, which leads to a painting of Sakura Forest; The left rune leads back, while the right rune leads to the normal Cyberpunk City, at a door under a nameplate. Heading to the right of the chamber leads to a zig-zag path with multiple paintings of flapping birds; these are identical to those above the bridge linking Morning Suburbs and Summer Sky Coast. At the end of the path is a door leading to a small exhibition room; A painting of Mini-Town is present, and can be entered through the hole in the wall on the right. A door on the bottom left of the room leads to the seventh door of Checkered Corridors' bottom half.

    Lastly, going left from the entrance takes you past a painting of ones and zeroes, which flashes green and black when Polygon is used. At the next fork, heading left past the warhol-style 28 painting (a reference to Kontentsu's worlds) will lead to a door connecting to the bottom-right door of the part of Love Prayer Passage with a tree painting and >| patterned bridges. Going up the stairs north leads immediately to another fork, next to a painting of a red-cloaked figure. Heading up again leads to a large chamber; The back wall has a black painting with white dots and a door that takes you to the bottom left corner of Crystal Lily Pond, and heading either left or right (though the right path has a painting of the scrapped Plant Labyrinth) leads to the same chamber as the south path at the red-cloaked figure painting fork. The last area to go is a hallway right of this new chamber, where the floor under a painting of eyes falls away to reveal the Cyberpunk City's skyline. There is also a painting of a warped cyan-purple teleport rune, a functioning vending machine painting that is red this time, a painting of Summer Sky Coast, and finally a door with a plaque above it. This door leads to a small room with a no photography sign and a warped painting of Urotsuki, with four arms, chainsaws for legs, monarch butterfly wings, a hole where her face should be, and indigo hair.

    Checkered Corridors

    Checkered Corridors is a small corridor with a beige wall and black-and-white checkered flooring. There are ten doors on the back wall, but it's also mirrored vertically; This gives it a total of twenty doors, divided into two sections.

    The bottom half's doors lead to the following areas:

    1. Inside the Crimson Hallway painting, which is a one-way to the Main Gallery door by the Broken Faces Area painting. However, entering Checkered Corridors from the Figurine Field will set a flag that makes it so this door leads back there instead. The Crimson Hallway's music is also very loud.
    2. The second door from the left on the top half.
    3. The tiny island in Tilescape with a white teleport rune leading back. Visiting this room removes most flags changing where doors lead.
    4. The left side of a small part of the inverted Cyberpunk City. The only other door, on the right side, leads to door number 5 of the top half of Checkered Corridors.
    5. A small white passage with a red tint, leading to a strange floating head. It hisses on interaction. It is also immortal. If you got here from the Nocturnal Grove painting, a flag will be set that makes the door lead back there instead.
    6. An isolated, blue outlined platform of the normal Cyberpunk City. You can't go anywhere else here but back to Checkered Corridors.
    7. The Mini Town painting.
    8. The bottom left corner of Blue Seabed.
    9. The top right door of the Love Prayer Passage section with the tree-like painting and the bridges with the >| pattern.
    10. A small room resembling the Main Gallery. There is a round boombox with red accents at the back wall of the room, but Urotsuki is blocked from interaction.

    The top half's doors lead to these areas:

    1. A small interior of the normal Cyberpunk City. There is a statue of Urotsuki here and three paintings; One is of the Twin Mountains. This is a one-way; exiting the room leads to the exterior of Cyberpunk City instead of Checkered Corridors.
    2. The second door from the left on the bottom half.
    3. Sometimes this door will lead to a painting of Nocturnal Grove, with a yellow rune leading back and a purple rune leading to Door 5 on the bottom half. Sometimes it will be the Long Painting instead. It depends on how you enter the Checkered Corridors.
    4. The top left door of the Love Prayer Passage section with the tree-like painting and the bridges with the >| pattern.
    5. The right side of a small part of the inverted Cyberpunk City. The only other door, on the left side, leads to door number 4 of the bottom half of Checkered Corridors.
    6. A blue crystal at the left edge of Crystal Lily Pond, close to the top left corner.
    7. The top right corner of Blue Seabed.
    8. The left side of a small passage with loud, energetic music and a colorful floor, the right side leading to Door 9 of the alternate version of the top half.
    9. Makes a Railroad Crossing chime when entered. A one-way to Omurice Labyrinth. Features a floor falling away to reveal a galaxy and a painting depicting a plate of omurice on a table. it is outside, during a sunny day on some hills.
    10. Leads to a miniature version of Checkered Corridors. None of the doors can be entered, but heading all the way right leads to the left end of Tilescape.

    However, there is an alternate version of the top half with slightly different connections. It is hard to describe, so the old top half will be called the "normal" top half. It can be entered in many ways.

    1. Same as normal top half.
    2. Same as normal top half.
    3. Same as normal top half.
    4. A different part of the inverted Cyberpunk City with a few stick figures and a blood splatter on the far right. There are no other doors. To make matters worse, all the connections of the doors will be shuffled again, but this can be undone by entering the normal top half through Love Prayer Passage.
    5. The right door, but NOT top right door, of the Love Prayer Passage section with the tree-like painting and the bridges with the >| pattern.
    6. A blue crystal at the left edge of Crystal Lily Pond, but not as far left as the normal top half's Door 6 crystal.
    7. The top right door of the Love Prayer Passage section with the face and large red heart.
    8. Leads to the middle-left of Blue Seabed.
    9. The right side of the colorful passage leading to Door 8 of the normal top half.
    10. The top left door of the Love Prayer Passage section with the face and large red heart.


    The small island with a lone rune.

    A small park area made up of small tiles, some of which have tiny chairs, trees or vending machines on them. Stepping on the vending machines costs 111夢. The area has four paths in all cardinal directions, with the northern path having blocked-off glass doors. Taking the eastern path leads to the Blue Seabed subarea, heading towards the southern path leads to the rainbow-tiled room in Cyberpunk City, and the western path can only be accessed from the other side in Checkered Corridors. At the center of the area is a lake with a tiny island with a few pixels on it. One of the doors in the Checkered Corridors leads to this island, which reveals the pixels to be a white Teleport Rune that takes Urotsuki back to the doorway that took her to the island.

    Blue Seabed

    Cyberpunk City

    The inverted version of Cyberpunk City.

    Inverted Version

    Crystal Lily Pond

    Love Prayer Passage



    Main Gallery

    Checkered Corridors

    Crystal Lily Pond

    Cyberpunk City

    Love Prayer Passage


    ... more about "Art Exposition"
    Color2 (https://yume.wiki/images/5/58/Color2.ogg, Color2.ogg, Main Area) +, first_time_Tatsuspam (https://yume.wiki/images/e/eb/First time Tatsuspam.ogg, First time Tatsuspam.ogg, Checkered Corridors) +, first_time_Tatsuspam (fast) (https://yume.wiki/images/c/ce/First time Tatsuspam(891B).ogg, First time Tatsuspam(891B).ogg, Mini Checkered Corridor) +, Tatsuspam_walking_in_the_park (https://yume.wiki/images/b/ba/Tatsuspam walking in the park.ogg, Tatsuspam walking in the park.ogg, Tilescape) +, Tatsuspam_walking_in_the_park (slow) (https://yume.wiki/images/f/f1/Tatsuspam walking in the park(894B).ogg, Tatsuspam walking in the park(894B).ogg, Tilescape (Isolated)) +, y24u_00039 (https://yume.wiki/images/9/9c/Y24u 00039.ogg, Y24u 00039.ogg, Cyberpunk City (Normal)) +, Y24U_00039_REV (https://yume.wiki/images/9/9a/Y24U 00039 REV.ogg, Y24U 00039 REV.ogg, Cyberpunk City (Inverted)) +, ehren_ethereal (https://yume.wiki/images/7/7a/Ehren ethereal.ogg, Ehren ethereal.ogg, Crystal Pond) +, luok_nowheretogo (https://yume.wiki/images/4/4a/Luok nowheretogo.ogg, Luok nowheretogo.ogg, Blue Seabed) +, Roninnozlo_Pi4_Rust (https://yume.wiki/images/2/2e/Roninnozlo Pi4 Rust.ogg, Roninnozlo Pi4 Rust.ogg, Love Prayer Passage) +, MM_cascade (https://yume.wiki/images/e/e6/MM cascade.ogg, MM cascade.ogg, Crimson Hallway / Outlined Checkerboard) +, ggk (https://yume.wiki/images/a/a7/Ggk.ogg, Ggk.ogg, Floating Head / Strange Painting) +, svr_Virtual (https://yume.wiki/images/5/51/Svr Virtual(817B).ogg, Svr Virtual(817B).ogg, Rainbow Tiles Room) +, konaki_loop05 (https://yume.wiki/images/c/cb/Konaki loop05(526B).ogg, Konaki loop05(526B).ogg, Sakura Forest Painting) +, nami (https://yume.wiki/images/0/04/Nami(179C).ogg, Nami(179C).ogg, Realistic Beach Painting) +, svr_City (https://yume.wiki/images/9/90/Svr City(816B).ogg, Svr City(816B).ogg, Nocturnal Grove Painting) +, sound3g_ (https://yume.wiki/images/9/94/Sound3g (368E).ogg, Sound3g (368E).ogg, Long Painting) +, sound5g (https://yume.wiki/images/9/90/Sound5g(583B).ogg, Sound5g(583B).ogg, Multicolored Hall) +  and bgm013 (https://yume.wiki/images/5/55/Bgm013 90.ogg, Bgm013 90.ogg, Figurine Field) +
    ジオラマコンフュージョン +
    2,813 (?) +  and 2,814 (?) +
    0.123a patch 2 +