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Yume 2kki:Thumbtack World

Thumbtack World
Basic Info



Events Blue Pushpin
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Birch Forest


8 . Lost innocents - Negatic (No. 711)
光のオルゴール@アノン (Girl's Room) (No. 381C)
sk2_derelict (Girl's room after Child effect) (No. 606B)
7. 2am alone - Negatic (Painting Path) (No. 728)
se018-0016 (Cliff) (No. 287H)

Map ID 2491, 2492, 2494, 2495


The Thumbtack World is an area accessible from Birch Forest after surviving the chaser subarea.

Map of Thumbtack World


This world is a black and grey void filled with thumbtacks and pushpins. It starts off as a linear teleport maze, where interacting with colored pushpins teleports you between them. At the end of the teleporting section is a large box containing a large variety of chasers. Navigating the box successfully allows you to access the other half of the world, a large void containing many blob chasers and a blue gate leading to the Beyond.

The chasers in the box include a Shadow ???, Shadow Bird, Shadow Gloop, Robot Guard, a chaser from the portrait area of Birch Forest, a squid-like chaser from Abyssal Garden, a chaser seen in Haniwa Hollow, and a chaser from Brutal Sewing Landscape.

The chasers can send you to isolated areas or wake you up. Yumebako's chasers function the same as in their respective areas. The other chasers have results similar to the chasers in Onyx Tile World. The Shadow Bird will trap you on top of an isolated building on the Highway, and the Shadow Gloop will trap you in a different isolated section of the Highway. The Robot Guard and Shadow ??? will send you to an isolated section of Purple World. Interacting with the tube-like creature near the bottom will send you to an isolated section of Garden World filled with the creatures. The path above acts as a one-way connection through the fence to either the end of the chain-link path to Blue Forest on the left or a hole to an isolated section of Blue Forest with a warp to The Hand Hub on the right.

If Variable #44 is above 200, a blue pushpin will appear east of the blue gate and northeast of the entrance from the chaser box. This will then lead to a white pushpin that takes you to a small black room with a red-haired NPC. Interacting with them with the Child effect equipped will change the music and make the pin purple, which will then lead you to a narrow pathway lined with paintings of closed, bloody eyes.

At the end of this path is a clearing with a painting of a pink heart dissolving, which has a 1/164 chance of leading to another area upon interaction, only after visiting the president's room in the Secret Society and interacting with the bow mentioned below. Urotsuki will make one of her "I can't do that" noises and look away after interacting with it.

Exiting the clearing through gaps on the side will allow you to explore the void outside, where you can find a clearing with spider lily flowers, a blue crossing sign, and a bow in a puddle of blood. Interacting with the bow will make the screen flash white and unlock a door in the Beyond. Returning to the purple pushpin and interacting with it will place you south of the pushpin that leads to the NPC.


Successfully meeting the aforementioned 1/164 chance while interacting with the painting will place Urotsuki below a black frame in an area filled with birch trees and spider lilies. Heading north of the black frame reveals an unknown figure at the edge of a cliff overlooking what seems to be Teru Teru Bozu Pond. Interacting with it will trigger a cutscene that will wake Urotsuki up and unlock a special room in the Secret Society.

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