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Yume 2kki:Fantasy Isle

Fantasy Isle
Fantasy isle.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Sweet Lies




WP #425

Events None
Notable NPCs

Flo, Sad Jellyfish

Connecting Areas

Lamp Passage
Graffiti City Chainsaw NoReturn
Animal Heaven Unlock🔑


loop_146 (No. 291)
無重力散歩@アノン (castle) (No. 106C)

Map ID 1081, 1082
Primary Author


Contributing Author(s)


Fantasy Isle is a world accessible from the flashing cantaloupe in Lamp Passage, or the blue angel in Animal Heaven.

Map of Fantasy Isle
Map of the castle interior


Fantasy Isle is a large, looping world which takes place in a fuchsia-colored sea, dotted by vegetation, where the sea surrounds a dominantly verdant pastel-colored isle.

From the Lamp Passage entrance, the area starts off in a small isle with a dock and a boat that you can use to navigate the sea, where heading east reveals a group of three flashing creatures with a single eye, arranged triangularly. Heading to the upper-left portion of the larger isle is a narrow path to the dock leading to the isle's forested portion.

Inhabiting the forest are beastly creatures with humanoid features and varying hair colors, where equipping the Chainsaw will make them frown in fear of their lives, and using the Crossing will stop them in their tracks. Along the way, you will encounter a bridged lake with a horse-like creature swimming in it. Going further from there, are the same creatures encountered earlier, now unconscious. Equipping the Chainsaw in this part will reveal a sad jellyfish that always walks at your direction. The music gets slower from here as you advance, until you reach the castle's entrance.

Castle Interior

Inside the castle, the first thing you will encounter is a prison inhabited by the creatures from the forest, along with the captors overseeing the prison. Going through the door leads to a much bigger prison area, with three more passages within. The final prison cell at the far right of the corridor is open and inhabited by a smiling, angelic blue creature with wings and a halo, who will bring you to Animal Heaven upon interaction, unlocking the two-way connection from there.

The first passage from the left leads to a room with a large purple-skinned creature whose movements slow down with the Boy or Gakuran effects equipped, or gets agitated when equipping the Chainsaw. Returning to the corridor after equipping the Chainsaw in the aforementioned room will change the guards' positions, denying access to the latter two passages. The second passage leads to the throne room, while the third passage leads to a small corridor, then a meeting room with a large green creature who appears to be the warden. Equipping the Boy or Gakuran effects will give her an angry appearance.

By equipping the Chainsaw within the guards' vicinity, they will chase Urotsuki, taking her to a prison cell with Flo, who takes you to the shop in Graffiti City upon interaction.


After unlocking the connection from Theatre World to Spelling Room:

After unlocking the connection to Animal Heaven: