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To do: Update map and add description of Abandoned Railway subarea.
Rice Field
Rice field 1.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Footpath between rice fields



Map Type Medium, Non-looping
Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Illusive Forest
Secret Society
Beyond Locked🔒
Server Hub Unlock🔑
Haniwa Hollow


n3-tFS (No. 315E)
n3-tFS (slower) (Sub-area from Beyond) (No. 315F)
2_51 (Abandoned Railway) (No. 261K)
n3-FiT (To Secret Society)

Map ID 2063, 2496, 2693


Rice Field is an area accessible from the Tiger Trail in Illusive Forest.

Annotated map of the area.


Rice Field consists of interconnected paths going between plants of rice and electric poles. Some points of interest here include a few blue and green scarecrows in the southern part of the area, an unreachable island with a Shadow Bird in the eastern part of the area, and a long bridge nearby that will lead to an island with a brick house with a cone in the doorway.

Going to the northwest, however, will lead to a bench and a vending machine. To the right of it is a path which you must go through without the Bike effect equipped (as indicated by a sign nearby, along with the wooden pillars signifying the span of the no-Bike zone). Otherwise, an army of blob Chasers will surround Urotsuki and force her to wake up. Going up the path will lead to a boat, which can be ridden towards the passage to Secret Society.

The cone in the brick house to the east of the map will vanish when this area is entered through the Beyond. This will lead to a small path with a door leading back to the Beyond and a set of train tracks with a flashing railway crossing sign. The train tracks cannot be crossed without using the Crossing effect. Along the tracks is a ghost, only visible when using the Glasses effect. Past the train tracks is another brick house surrounded by scarecrows and spider lilies, which will go to a small section with more droopy flowers and a floating blue button that will lead to the Server Hub and unlock the connection between these areas.

Past the Server Hub button is a section that leads to Haniwa Hollow, which provides an alternate way to unlock the Server Hub connection.


After entering the Server Hub from this area:


  • The blob chasers can rarely spawn unprovoked, even before one reaches the no-bike zone. This is likely a bug.