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    Yume 2kki:The Baddies Bar

    The Baddies Bar
    The baddies bar 1.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    O Hiroi
    Wide Contact

    Effects EffectTrombone
    Events None
    Notable NPCs Flashing Trombonist, Yukata, various Chasers
    Connecting Areas

    Broken Faces Area
    Bowling Zone NoReturn➡️
    The Hand Hub
    Art Gallery
    French Street
    The Slums Stretch, Spring

    Removed Connections

    Theatre World

    BGM yume d4b (No. 192)
    Map ID 0265
    Version Added 0.091i
    Last Updated 0.119e patch 5
    Author Bokun

    The Baddies Bar is an area accessible from the Broken Faces Area by interacting with the green man.

    Map of The Baddies Bar


    The Baddies Bar is a large, enclosed world with psychedelic zipper-like patterns covering the walls. It's largely reminiscent of Yume Nikki's Number World.

    At the bottom of the area, east or west of the green stick figure that connects to Broken Faces Area, there is a wandering purple NPC wearing a striped shirt that will take Urotsuki to the French Street upon interaction.

    A little northwest of the entrance from the Broken Faces Area is a door to the Bar proper. Urotsuki must have the Stretch effect to enter, and the first time she will also have to pay a 100 entry fee.

    Scattered around the area are 4 long zippers that reach all the way down to the ground. If you use the Lantern, Chainsaw, or Rainbow effect on them, they will open up, revealing randomized doorways to small areas within the world. Three of these lead to areas with Scary Faces in them, but one will lead to a flashing man with a trombone who grants the Trombone effect.

    Various shaped creatures bearing images of brass instruments and resembling Yume Nikki Wheelies also wander around the area. They will freeze and invert colors in response to the Trombone effect.

    Interacting with the yellow ticket booth in the northeast of this area leads to the Bowling Zone. A portal to the Art Gallery will appear in a small alcove if it is the second day of winter, the third day of spring, or the first day of autumn. A portal to The Hand Hub will appear in the same alcove if it is the first day of spring, the second day of summer, or the third day of autumn.

    The Bar

    Inside the bar are various tables, two bar counters, some trombone NPCs on a stage, and two Vending Machines. Patronizing the bar are various chasers (a Shadow Lady, a Clown, a Shadow Bird, a Shadow Gloop, a Shadow ??? and a Robot Guard), Yukata, Bug Girl, and the shadow figure from the Penguin GB Game.

    Though the "baddies" here will not normally attack Urotsuki, using the Chainsaw effect predictably does not end well. Equipping it will draw everyone's attention and actually attacking any of the chasers will cause them to retaliate:

    Shadow Gloop
    Summons five clones one by one that surround Urotsuki and send her to the 'Isolated Bar Room'.
    Dodges the attack by slashing through Urotsuki with his sword, sending her to an isolated area in the Invisible Maze.
    Laughs before shoving Urotsuki and sending her to an endless staircase loop in the Sewers.
    Shadow Lady
    Turns insane. Several other insane Shadow Ladies can be seen in the bar before Urotsuki is captured and sent to the 'Isolated Bar Room'.
    Robot Guard
    Slashes through Urotsuki in a similar fashion to Yukata and sends her to a caged-off section of Garden World.

    By interacting with the table with the white card on it, Urotsuki can order a coffee from Bug Girl for 10, which she will bring over to the table. Urotsuki can then interact with the coffee mug to rink the whole thing in one big gulp. Interacting with the coffee mug again will summon Bug Girl to clear the table.

    The stage can be jumped onto by using the Spring effect. Using the Glasses effect will reveal a hole in the back wall. Interacting with the hole will lead to The Slums.

    Isolated Bar Room

    Chainsawing certain bar patrons will send Urotsuki to an isolated part of the main Baddies Bar map. There is no exit here, but Urotsuki can look through a slate into the Baddies Bar, where her face will be shown poking out of the wall. If the Chainsaw effect is still equipped, the bartenders and patrons will continue to look at her.

    Urotuski can only escape this room by using the Eyeball effect or waking up.


    With the Marginal effect:


    • Prior to patch 0.105f, returning to the Broken Faces Area would cause this area's music to carry over.