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Deep Dreams:Soundtrack

No. TitleMusicLocations used Filename
1. "Unforgiving Himalayas"  Ashy Desert Unforgiving Himalayas
2. "Bells of weirdness"  Mushroom Cavern bells of weirdness
3. "Underwater World"  River Underwater World
4. "Edge of Ocean"  Water Mill Edge of Ocean
5. "Ambient Rumble"  Antennae Field Ambient Rumble
6. "Mech Drone 17"  Abandoned Lab Mech Drone 17
7. "Deep Peace"  Puppet Path Deep Peace
8. "I have always loved you"  Misty Forest I have always loved you
9. "Creaky country fair"  Carousel Ride Creaky country fair
10. "Peaceful Mind"  Mauve Shoal Peaceful Mind
11. "Whimsical Popsicle"  Pastel House Whimsical popsicle
12. "Fishbowl Circus"  Bath House Fishbowl Circus
13. "The Village"  Palace The Village
14. "Lost Jungle"  Escher Garden Lost Jungle
15. "Puzzle Game"  Old Factory Puzzle Game
16. "A Sea of Jewels"  Title Screen A Sea of Jewels