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    Flow town.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Effects EffectHandgun
    Iron Pipe
    Events Accident Room, Alleyway Chase
    Notable NPCs Cleaner, Kaibutsu
    Connecting Areas


    BGM 街1/Town1
    街2/Town2 (Accident Room)
    追跡迷路/Alleyway Chase (Alleyway Chase)
    Map ID 0273, 0274, 0275, 0276, 0277, 0278

    The Town is an area accessible from an alley in the Hole.

    Map of the Town


    The Town largely appears as a network of dreary, bloodied alleyways, occupied by many unusual, hooded residents. Outside of an eerie event and one (potentially two) of the Effects, there is very little of note here.

    The Handgun Effect can be found here. From the entrance, proceed left, then up, then left, then up, then right, and interact with the dumpster to obtain it.

    From the entrance, proceeding left, then up, and then staying left will bring Sabitsuki to a corridor that links to a large room, blocked off by traffic cones. The contents of this room vary wildly depending on a specific variable that is rolled from 1-10 every time she passes by a specific lamp in the corridor. While most of these sights are unsettling or somewhat gruesome, as detailed here, there is a 1/10 chance that the traffic cones will be completely absent, allowing Sabitsuki to enter the now-empty room.

    Alleyway Escape

    If the traffic cones are missing, and Sabitsuki steps into the center of the empty room, a hooded creature will ambush her when she tries to leave, rushing her at incredible speeds and knocking her out.

    When she comes to, she will be in a looping labyrinth of corridors, filled with hooded creatures, her goal being to escape. If she is caught by one of the hooded creatures, she will simply be returned back to the start of the event.

    To escape, Sabitsuki must make her way to a door roughly north of her position while evading the hooded creatures. If she succeeds, she will return to the far south side of the Town, leaving through an otherwise locked door, although she will notably have her Iron Pipe equipped, and her eyes will be shadowed over.

    If she does not already have the Iron Pipe Effect, completing this event will grant it to her.


    This event is dramatically different if triggered as Rust. Most notably, she will counterattack the figure, preventing the event from happening to begin with if she has taken damage from Fetuses less than five times in that current flow session. If she has sustained enough damage to be ambushed and makes it into the maze proper, all of the creatures in it will actively flee from her.

    When she exits the event, she will always be mortally wounded, regardless of how healthy she was going in, one Fetus attack away from death.

    Spoilers end here.


    Entrance → Utility Pole WorldApartmentsCloud WorldReverse ApartmentsSugar HoleHole → Town


    • The Town is one of two areas in the game with two Effects, the other one being the School.
      • Town particularly stands out as one of these Effects, the Iron Pipe, can be obtained elsewhere, making it the only Effect that can be found in two places.