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Muma Rope:Jarred Rose

Jarred Rose
Muma Jarred Rose.png
Basic Info


Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Jail NoEntry
Cave Game
Stare's Stairs
R-Maze Chance🍀


Jarred Rose

Map ID 0107

The Jarred Rose is an area accessible either from the hole within the Jail or the Cave Game.


This area is simply the interior of a large, green glass containing a large, white rose in its center. Upon arriving from Jail, Muma will drop into the bottle from the top, unable to return to her previous location.

Going through the right entrance will bring you to Stare's Stairs, and the left entrance leads to Cave Game.

When you arrive from jail, there's a small chance for Muma to be stuck at the glass' neck. After a little while, a comically large finger will push Muma inside the glass.


Memory Room → First StepsBlack WatersLamp WorldMonochrome BuildingStare's Stairs → Jarred Rose