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Cave Game
Muma cave game.png
Basic Info

EffectWinged Boots



Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Monochrome Building
Jarred Rose



Map ID 0015, 0025

Cave Game is an area accessible from the Monochrome Building.

Map of Cave Game


Cave Game is an area with a set of cavern rooms with a simplified pixel-art style that plays like a platformer game. In this area, Muma must jump through rooms and avoid spikes and enemies that will cause her to take one point of damage. If she is damaged five times, she will "die" and get sent back to the game console in Monochrome Building from which the area is accessed. However, there are pink crosses around the cave that will fully heal Muma when walked past, similar to the crosses in the Retro Dungeon.

At the beginning of the game, Muma will only have one jump. There will be a doorway in the northeastern corner of the starting room, though it can't be reached until later. Following the pink arrow to proceed forward, Muma will be taken to a room with an unreachable coin and two enemies to dodge. The fourth room contains a cross that will heal Muma, while the fifth contains a pit with a downward-pointing arrow. Going into the pit and passing through its obstacles will lead to a room with a smiling face made of blocks and the Winged Boots Memory. Collecting the Winged Boots gives Muma the ability to double jump as well as change the area's music.

Backtracking after gaining the ability to double jump gives Muma access to the coin as well as the doorway in the beginning room, which leads to the Jarred Rose. Going to the right of the pit where the Winged Boots used to be (which is now accessible with the ability to double jump,) will lead to an advanced platforming section with small platforms and many spikes. Completing this section will simply lead back to the Monochrome Building.


Memory Room → First StepsBlack WatersLamp WorldMonochrome Building → Cave Game