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Muma Rope:Stare's Stairs

Stare's Stairs
Stares stairs.png
Basic Info


Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Monochrome Building Return🚩
Jarred Rose
Secret Lab
Yin Yang Lake NoReturn
R-Maze NoReturn



Map ID 0029

Stare's Stairs is an area accessible through the Jarred Rose, with its main section exclusively accessible from the Monochrome Building.


Stare’s Stairs is a red narrow passage in a black void complete with a long, descending stairway to the right. Red eyes in the sky stare at the player, some of them having black scribbles in place of pupils. If the player walks to the left, seemingly going outside of this passage, they’ll find a color-changing puddle leading to the R-Maze.

Walking down the stairs and going all the way to the right will lead to a white doorway; the first time the player enters through the doorway, a sitting Muma will spawn at the end of the hallway- interacting with her will cause the player to seemingly kill her, giving them the Ectoplasm memory. Once this is done, the Muma will no longer be seen upon subsequent entrances.

After gaining the Ectoplasm memory, the player can walk through the hallway to go to the Yin Yang Lake. Alternatively, the player can walk all the way to the back without going through the far doorway, and walk back to the beginning to find the entrance to the Jarred Rose. Walking back to the far right of the hallway at this point will lead to a red doorway leading to the Red Building.


  • Stair part & Ectoplasm Memory:

Memory Room → First StepsBlack WatersLamp WorldMonochrome Building → Stare's Stairs

  • Bottom part:

Memory Room → First StepsBlack WatersLamp WorldMonochrome BuildingCave GameJarred Rose → Stare's Stairs