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Lamp World
Basic Info




Events None
Notable NPCs Other Muma
Connecting Areas

Black Waters
Monochrome Building
Occult Basement
R-Maze Chance🍀



Map ID 0016

Lamp World is an area accessible from Black Waters.

Map of the area


Lamp World is a dark area consisting of gray patches of ground and several clusters of lamps. There is no light with the exception of a spotlight shining wherever Muma goes. Light switches can be found around the world, which will cause the surrounding lamps to turn on temporarily and reveal footprint paths that make navigation much easier. After a short amount of time, the lamps will flicker back off, causing the footprints to disappear.

When entered from Black Waters, Muma will emerge from a doorway made of stones. To the left of her is a single light switch, revealing five different branching paths from the starting area when flipped on. Further left from this light switch is an isolated section with a black rabbit that transforms into a duplicate version of Muma when the lights are out, resembling her appearance in the Retro Dungeon.

Starting from the doorway to Black Waters, heading down, taking the first right, and heading downward again will lead to one of the game's collectible coins. Southeast of the coin are two points of interest that lead to other worlds: a manhole with a ladder that will take Muma to the Occult Basement and a white building that will lead to the Monochrome Building when entered.

If the connection to R-Maze is active in this area, the portal will be located to the northeast of the entrance from the Black Waters.


Memory Room → First StepsBlack Waters → Lamp World