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Muma Rope:Monochrome Building

Monochrome Building
Muma monochrome.png
Basic Info




Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Lamp World
Unicorn Woods
Stare's Stairs DeadEnd↩️
Cave Game
Secret Lab LockedCondition🔐
R-Maze Chance🍀


Map ID 0052, 0053, 0056

The Monochrome Building is an area accessible from a building in the Lamp World.


Monochrome Building is a large and imposing area, whose walls and floors all appear to be airbrushed in shades of gray and white. Much of its rooms are stark and empty, and what little furniture has been placed appear oversized, relative to Muma. While present in this area, intermittent beeping and humming noises may be heard in the background.

Upon entering the lobby through Lamp World, you'll be greeted by a black rabbit manning the front desk. Entering the door up ahead will lead you to an elevator room, with two interactable buttons resembling up and down arrows. By looking at the sign above the elevator doors, you can keep track of what floor you're on, from floors -1 through 4, with 0 being the initial lobby. Many of these floors are long hallways.

Floor 1

Further down the corridor, splotches of green are seen littering the floor. At the end is the entrance to Unicorn Woods, likely a painting. If the arcade machine in Unicorn Woods has been turned on, the paint splotches on the floor will be pink instead.

Floor 2

Floor 2 simply has a pair of doorways leading to a room with a row of beds. The doorway at the end of this hall leads to another bedroom with a large armoire with another bed lacking its mattress. Interacting with the bed will make Muma sleep in it, and upon waking up you will be taken to the Stare's Stairs.

Floor 3

Many of the rooms contain strange arrangements of beds and armoires, one of which contains a monochrome girl who does not appear to react to the player. The fifth room left from the entrance has a TV and game console in the corner which will lead to Cave Game upon interaction.

Floor 4

A particular area of interest here includes an occupied bed with a monochrome appendage of some kind breaking through the ceiling and floor. Muma will shake her head upon interacting with the bed. Going through the entrance at the left of the second hall will lead to a rooftop area with a view of a cityscape. A red Balloon can be found tied to the railing.

Floor -1

Pressing the down button while on Floor 0 will bring you here. The end of this hall will appear broken, and the player cannot see further, though a glimpse of a white appendage can be seen in the distance.

Red Building

Upon waking up, you will be in the same bedroom as the one that takes you to the Stare's Stairs. The will be someone sleeping in the bed, and a red 'あ' on the back wall. Exiting the room, the corridors will become redder, and red あs are splattered all across the walls. The elevator is completely red. Pushing the up arrow will take you straight to the roof. Pushing the down arrow will take you to Floor 1, where the Unicorn Woods painting is replaced with a giant red eye, similar to the one in Stare's Stairs. Interacting with this painting will take you back to said area. Pushing the down arrow again will take you to the basement. There is now a bridge of あs that you can use to cross over to the previously unreachable side. At the end, the door to the Secret Lab can be found.


Memory Room → First StepsBlack WatersLamp World → Monochrome Building


Red Building