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Owl Swamp
Basic Info


Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Retro Dungeon
Tree Trunk Complex
Puzzle Chamber
Sheet Music LockedCondition🔐
R-Maze Chance🍀

BGM Marais
Map ID 0013

The Owl Swamp is an area accessible from the Retro Dungeon.


The Owl Swamp is wetland area that consists of a number of grassy islands and purple leafless trees. A few lamps are scattered around the islands along with tiki towers lining the bridges. Most notably, the bottom components of these towers are shaped like owls. Lilypads connect the islands together as well, and serve the same purpose as bridges.

Brown owls also inhabit the area, which will make noise indefinitely when interacted with until they are switched off. Most produce a part of a tune that synchronizes to those of the other owls in the area, but there are two distinctive owls that will make a strange squacking sound instead. From the entrance to the Retro Dungeon, the first one can be reached by using the southern, then eastern bridge. The second one is found by crossing the southern, then western bridge, using the lilypads to the south, and finally crossing the bridge to the east.

Once both of these owls have been activated, the opening in the tree that previously transported you to the Retro Dungeon will now take you to Sheet Music. Interacting with any other owls will require you to reenter the world and complete the puzzle again in order to visit this area.

By using the lilypads east of the second distinctive owl, there will be an opening in a tree that takes you to the Puzzle Chamber. At the bottom of the first distinctive owl's island, there is grey ladder going into an open tree trunk in the water can be found that leads to the Tree Trunk Complex. If the R-Maze connection in this area is active, there will be a teleporter to this world found at the bottom-left corner of the island directly north from here. Activating the three musical owls in the area will cause the Flute memory to appear on top of a nest found on the island west from this teleporter. Activating the squacking owls prevents the flute memory from appearing.


Memory Room → First StepsRetro DungeonOwl Swamp