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To do: Add descriptions for all listed events; add any missing events.

Like Yume Nikki and many of its fangames, there are some events found throughout Muma Rope. Here is a list of all the current events that can be found, along with their individual locations.

Bunny Wedding

Location: Yin Yang Lake

Description: WIP

True Sunset


Location: Sunset Cliff

Description: When coming back to the area after holding hands with the rabbit and leaving, there is a 50.25% chance that the area will become a dreary, monochrome version of itself without the objects scattered in the area. Only the rabbit appears to remain, now unusually out of its beach chair. In the background, the sunset will be crossed in red with text above it that reads "Not TRUE". Approaching the rabbit will trigger a cutscene where a large mass of darkness will erupt from its mouth with a rupturing screech, grinning ominously and attacking Muma before the screen suddenly cuts to black. Muma, now completely alone, will wake up in a beach chair shortly afterwards, the rabbit and objects nowhere to be seen.

Sleep Paralysis

Location: Bedroom

Description: WIP

Unicorn Slayer RPG

Location: Unicorn Woods

Description: WIP