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Muma Rope:Tree Trunk Complex

Tree Trunk Complex
Basic Info


Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Owl Swamp
Red Sands A
Realm of the Orb
R-Maze Chance🍀



Map ID 0063, 0064, 0065, 0069

Tree Trunk Complex is an area accessible from the ladder in Owl Swamp.

Map of the area

Features (Rough Draft)

There are many treetop platforms that can be traversed via the various wooden bridges and ladders around the area. Some of these trees can be entered to go to other worlds.

You arrive from the Owl Swamp from a hidden passageway from behind one of the tree trunks.

There is a magic blue box with stars printed on it that will teleport around to different locations atop the trunks. Interacting with it enough times will give Muma a white bunny to hold.

Taking the northern, than eastern bridge from the entrance will take you to an opening to a passage that leads to Red Sands A. Instead taking the eastern two bridges, climbing down the platform with the southern ladder, and finally using the bridges in the order of west, west, north, north, then east will land you at a passageway that leads into SUGAR.

In addition to these entrances, there is a secret door leading to the Realm of the Orb that can be found by taking the northern bridge, using the ladder to climb the platform, crossing using the eastern bridge, and interacting with the topmost tile of the right side of the tree you will end up at.

If the R-Maze connection is active in this area, it will be located to the east of the entrance across two bridges.


Memory Room → First StepsRetro DungeonOwl Swamp → Tree Trunk Complex