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Basic Info




Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Unicorn Woods Locked🔒
Sugar Maze
Tree Trunk Complex
Upper Totem Hill
R-Maze Chance🍀


Sugar World

Map ID 0051

SUGAR is an area accessible from the Unicorn Woods or Tree Trunk Complex.

Map of the area

Features (Rough Draft)

This area is composed of pink-colored sugar plains with confectionaries and strawberries decorating it. Gingerbread men appear to be the sole residents of this bright world, and will respond with a chat bubble that contains a random symbol. There is one immobile gingerbread man, however, that instead of presenting you with the usually symbols will either give 1-4 strings of gibberish letters, or a noose.

Slightly south, then east of the entrance is a pale monolith structure that leads to Upper Totem Hill. Instead moving directly northeast from the sugar cube you arrived from, however, is a large strawberry cake. Interacting with the strawberry in the center of the cake will transport you to the Tree Trunk Complex. Moving west from the entrance, there are two strawberries beside each other that can be walked through to enter the Sugar Maze.

If the R-Maze connection is active in this area, it will be located at the right end of the wall of sugarcubes with two gingerbread men running around.