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Answered Prayers:Soundtrack

The soundtrack of Answered Prayers consists of 40 tracks in total, able to be found as short, looping audio files in the Music folder. These have been furthermore remixed in RPG Maker 2003 by slowing the tracks down or speeding them up in certain areas.

Many of the tunes create a rather melancholy atmosphere and often feature weather sound effects to set the mood. The Game Boy World contrasts with 8-bit music, and the Japanese-themed locations have traditional Japanese instruments incorporated. There is a leitmotif with some tracks - the Title Screen track, Unanswered Prayer, is reflected in such tracks as Hollow Place and Ocean Depths.

This page creates a list of the original 40 tracks, their variation in the game and also songs that inspired the creator of the game, Klaufir, in their creative progress.


No. TitleMusicLocations used Filename
1. "Absolute Zero"  Symbols Maze absolute-zero
2. "Abyss"  Unused abyss
3. "Air Conditioner"  Elevator in Playground, Room 1 in Spirit Town, Apartment airconditioner
4. "AP001"  Game Boy Basement, Game Boy Forest AP001
5. "AP002"  Game Boy Tower (inside) AP002
6. "AP003"  Game Boy Town AP003
7. "AP004"  Game Boy Room 2, 3, 5; Game Boy Forest Basement; GB Tower (top) AP004
8. "Chipdirge (Mansion)"  Game Boy Mansion AP-chipdirge(mansion)
9. "Echonio"  Forest World: Sunflower Field AP-echonio
10. "Empty Choir"  Green World AP-emptychoir
11. "Rain Indoors with Thunder"  Shrine AP-Rain indoors-wThunder
12. "Arrows"  Arrow Lane arrows
13. "Bassybass"  Playground bassybass
14. "Bottlecap Pop"  Phantom Bar bottlecap pop
15. "Bubbles"  Bubble Path Bubbles
16. "Chimiko"  Chimiko Shop Chimiko
17. "Cicadas"  Nexus, Spirit Shrine Cicadas
18. "Colors"  Monochrome City Colors
19. "Complex"  Complex complex
20. "Elevator 02"  Elevator elevator02
21. "Forest Loop"  Forest World forestloop
22. "Gears"  Clock Work World, Elevator Room Gears
23. "Hollow Place"  Outlands hollow-place
24. "Industrial Ambience"  Industrial Maze Industrial-Ambience
25. "Lotus"  Miko Shrine lotus
26. "Noise Track"  Game Boy Room 4, Game Boy Mural, GB Mansion Entry noise-track
27. "Ocean"  Ocean Floor, Spirit Signs Path ocean
28. "Ocean Depths"  Broken Clock Park ocean depths
29. "Radio"  Corrupt Beach radio
30. "Rain Indoors"  Unused Rain_indoors
31. "Recollection"  Glitch World, Beyond Recollection
32. "Snowy"  Snowy Streets snowy
33. "Spirit Town"  Spirit Town, Black Caves (second area) SpiritTown
34. "Thunderstorm"  Outside of the real-world shrine ThunderStorm
35. "Tick Tock"  Gradient World ticktock
36. "Unanswered Prayer"  Title Screen unanswered-prayer
37. "Underwater Lab"  Underwater Laboratory in the Underwater Ship underwaterlab
38. "Valiha Beat"  Debug Room (if one selected the option "Spin") valiha-beat
39. "Wind 02"  Borderland Corridor Wind-02
40. "Wind Chimes"  Monochrome World - Monoka's garden WindChimes


•The title of the game is inspired by the song Answered Prayers by David Sylvian. On Youtube
•The “Chromakey Dreamcoat” prayer is named after a Boards of Canada song.