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YNOproject:Badges/Yume Nikki

Ynoproject favicon.png Main Badge List - All Badges
Yume favicon.png Yume Nikki 2kki favicon.png Yume 2kki Flow favicon.png .flow Someday favicon.png Someday
Deepdreams favicon.png Deep Dreams Prayers favicon.png Answered Prayers Amillusion favicon.png Amillusion Unevendream favicon.png Uneven Dream
Braingirl favicon.png Braingirl Muma favicon.png Muma Rope Genie favicon.png Dream Genie Mikan favicon.png Mikan Muzou
Ultraviolet favicon.png Ultra Violet Sheawaits favicon.png She Awaits Oversomnia favicon.png Oversomnia Tsushin favicon.png Yume Tsushin

Full list of Yume Nikki badges for documentation and usage with badge templates.

Icon Name Location Description Condition Notes Author Batch/Date
KALIMBA Madotsuki's Room Tune into the KALIMBA TV channel Catmat 2022-04-25
Boo and Goo Forest World Interact with the two types of Namekuji in Forest World Somsnosna Batch 84
Fast and Furious Candle World *VROOOooooooOoom* Get caught by the Toriningen in the Candle World Badge name is a reference to the Fast & Furious media franchise. Catmat & nask Batch 43
Scream of the Captured Number World Step on the あ tile in Number World miau Batch 4
Eye of the Captured Number World Step on the eye tile in Number World The actual location of this badge is Lamp World. miau Batch 4
Your Own Closet Number World: Bedroom The secrets one can find through violence... Reach Mini Hell through Number World miau Batch 2
KyuuKyuu-kun Number World: Stairway Fancy a massage? Trigger the FACE event Catmat 2022-05-05

Chop Chop! Guillotine World Visit Big Guillotine World WikiOdd Batch 44
Girl in the Closet Checkered Tile Path "Who are you?" Open the closet containing Madotsuki in the Checkered Tile Path gugu Batch 39
Thunder oni(badgeYN).png
Rain, Rain, Go Away Dense Woods A Come again another day! Summon a clap of thunder and lightning using the Oni effect in the Dense Woods A Ena Batch 70
Henkei Shita Hell Get to the Footprint Path from the red Henkei Shita located in Hell nask Batch 2

Compulsive Sinner Hell You just keep coming here, sheesh! Access Hell from Face Carpet Plaza, the Neon Tile Path, the Checkered Tile Path and the Footprint Path JIVV Batch 62
Desert Explorer Wilderness Visit every area in the Wilderness WikiOdd Batch 74

Ancient Raves Wilderness: Aztec Rave Monkey Route Experience the Aztec Rave Monkey Catmat 2022-04-25
Boombox Wilderness: Toriningen Party Route Watch the Toriningen party from afar Catmat 2022-04-25

Free Falling Wilderness: Northern Wilderness Oh dear... Witness the Falling Men event Olive Deer Batch 43
A Stab in the Dark Wilderness: Infinite Wilderness Stab Onsen-san WikiOdd Batch 54

Travelin' with Pirori Barracks Settlement Interact with the Pirori that takes you to FC World B Kofu Batch 93
Isee Stare Barracks Settlement Get to Mural World via the Isee Path WikiOdd Batch 58
Seahorse Barracks Settlement That's not very nice... Stab the Seahorse in the Barracks Settlement nask Batch 2
Submerged Sewers See the Submarine Fish emerged from the water WikiOdd Batch 52
Shop 'til You Drop Mall Interact with all of the Mall Shopper NPCs WikiOdd Batch 59
Tokuto-kun Mall Tip Tokuto-kun over Interact with Tokuto-kun in his room at the Mall Catmat Batch 2
Cube guru seat(badgeYN).png
Seat Taken Windmill World Steal the Cube Guru's seat in the Windmill World. Move the Cube Guru off of his seat, and then sit on it Roverkibb Batch 21
Cube guru(YNbadge).png
Cube Guru Windmill World It knows... Interact with the Cube Guru in Windmill World nask Batch 2

In Your Dreams Interact with the Jellyfishes in Dense Woods A and Dense Woods B Zaakarias Batch 97

Ailurophobia Traincar Not even monsters are safe from the cat supremacy :3 Catch the Train Passenger A's attention with the Cat effect JIVV Batch 67
HoleFace(badge YN).gif

HoleFace(badge YN).png
Beneath the Surface Witch's Island Use the Cat effect next to the three women in blue on Witch's Island GillianGao Batch 50
Underwater Doppelgänger Witch's Island Encounter Tasei's Kid on the Witch's Island TheInkBlot & WikiOdd Batch 100
Eye box.png
Box of Eyes White Desert A: Eye Box Stab the Eye Box until you get teleported to its area miau Batch 4
Dave-y Jones Locker White Desert A Stab Dave Specter in the White Desert Theero Batch 83
Takofuusen White Desert A Encounter Takofuusen in the White Desert Catmat 2022-04-27

Monoko of the White Desert White Desert A: Monoko's Tunnel Interact with Monoko using the Traffic Light effect Nasty & Catmat Batch 4

Monoe of the White Desert White Desert A: Monoe's Tunnel Now you see her, now you don't Lose sight of Monoe in the White Desert Olive Deer & Catmat Batch 6
Heads Off to You! White Desert A: White Desert Path Sorry, you went in over my head! Activate the Severed Heads event Olive Deer Batch 50
Uboa Uboa's Trap Fall into Uboa's Trap Catmat 2022-04-25

The One Grinding its Teeth White Desert Mountain Ring Is it cold in here, or is it just me? Find The Thing with the Quivering Jaw Ellí & nimiala Batch 40
Flushed White Desert Mountain Ring See the red variant of Manhole-sama WikiOdd Batch 53
Monochrome Walls White Desert B No concentration, just a white disorder everywhere around me. Travel deep into the dream world to reach the White Desert lagoon Badge name and description reference lyrics in Dominique A. & Yann Tiersen's "Monochrome". WikiOdd Batch 61

Sweet Pink Waters Pink Sea Go near the two coral-like structures in the Pink Sea Zaakarias & Zolotl Batch 98
Poniko cat(badgeyn).png
Acknyawledgement Poniko's House Ahhh!! So cute!! Use the Cat effect near Poniko Autumn Batch 8
Teleport bros(badgeyn).gif

Teleport bros(badgeyn).png
Warpo and Loople Teleport Maze Use the Cat effect near both Warpo and Loople in the teleport maze The transition animation is based on the teleport animation present in the Teleport Maze. Zolotl Batch 8
Docks yume(badgeyn).gif

Docks yume(badgeyn).png
Docks Docks A and Docks B Visit the two parts of the Docks Zaakarias & Somsnosna Batch 69
No Escape Sky Garden Stab Organoid Catmat 2022-05-05
Ghostly Assembly Three of a kind. Interact with Nopperabou Ghost and Fleebie while using the Spirit Headband effect and stab Follony with the Kitchen Knife effect JL Batch 72
White tulip(badgeyn).png
Rain and Flowers Sky Garden: Crossover Garden Visit the white tulip passage between Sky Garden and Ghost World Badge name references a Yume Nikki remix of the same name. WikiOdd Batch 86
Fc demon(badgeyn).png
FC Demon FC World B *smooch* Interact with the FC Demon in FC World B nask Batch 3
Tomb of the Moai FC Dungeon What a nice statue! Enter the moai head room in the FC Dungeon WikiOdd Batch 56

�� ������� FC Dungeon R̵̫̣͎͊̉ķ̶͓̺̓̃̚M̷̧̜̮̒̿͂
Trigger the FC Dungeon glitch event Badge name seems to just be a corrupted version of the name of the area, where each character outside of the space is replaced by a �. Catmat 2022-05-05
Melted-tsuki Underground World Watch Madotsuki melt as a snowman beside the fire Catmat Batch 2

Moonwalk Spaceship Please put the knife away Make Seccom Masada-sensei walk away with the Kitchen Knife effect SpaceBug Batch 51
Spaceship crash event(badgeyn).png
U-F-Uh-Oh Spaceship Masada, we have a problem! Witness the crash event in Masada's Spaceship Autumn Batch 21
Meow ufo(badgeyn).gif

Meow ufo(badgeyn).png
They Like Me-ow~! Mars Purrfect meet up! Summon the UFOs on Mars with the Cat effect Olive Deer Batch 26
Mars-san Mars Visit Mars-san Catmat 2022-05-05

Black Cat Mall: Mall Rooftop Trigger the witch flight event on the mall rooftop Catmat 2022-04-25
NASU Madotsuki's Room Score 1000 points in NASU Catmat Batch 3
Nasu pink(badgeyn).png
Pink NASU Madotsuki's Room Score 2000 points in NASU Catmat Batch 3
Nasu gold(badgeyn).gif

Nasu gold(badgeyn).png
Gold NASU 🏆 Madotsuki's Room Score 3000 points in NASU Catmat Batch 3
Health Drinks Dense Woods A, Hell and Docks A Find all 3 vending machines and buy a drink from each one bWF5 Batch 43

Nekoin Shield-Folk World Interact with Nekoin and have 10000 Yen or more miau Batch 2

Golden Nekoin 🏆 Shield-Folk World Interact with Nekoin and have 50000 Yen or more miau Batch 2
Window Madotsuki's Room See the ending Catmat Batch 5