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Yume Nikki:Dense Woods

Madotsuki entering a part of the Dense Woods B with several Isee watching closely.

The Dense Woods is a set of deeper dream worlds in Yume Nikki.


The Dense Woods is a large forested area with a straight road running through it and clearings in the trees in which several warps can be found. The area is also notable for containing the Jellyfish NPCs, who appear during the game's ending.


Dense Woods A

Madotsuki near the vending machine and Puddle World stairway in Dense Woods A.

Dense Woods A is a rainy area largely made up of conical trees, much like the ones found in Forest World. A straight road also runs directly through this area. It is accessed by entering a pink stairway found in Puddle World.

Upon entering this world, the player will find one of three vending machines found throughout the dream world. The forest has a long road where a single Jellyfish stands. The road will loop if Madotsuki travels west, though she can enter the Infinite Road by heading east, a long path that contains the Floyag and endlessly loops upon walking to the right. If the player goes west instead of east on the Infinite Road, they will end up in Dense Woods B.

Dense Woods B

Dense Woods B contains both a continuation of the road found in Dense Woods A as well as several forest clearings that will lead to other worlds. Unlike Dense Woods A, it does not naturally rain in this area and the trees are rounded instead of conical.

When entering from the Infinite Road, the player can continue west until they are blocked off by some traffic cones. A corpse known as Shitai-san can be found here, which will give the Stoplight effect upon interaction. Near the connection to the Infinite Road is also a short clearing path that leads to a manhole which will open to reveal a red tentacle if the Infinite Road has been looped through at least three times. This tentacle can be interacted with to reach Manhole-sama and the White Desert Mountain Ring.

Some additional clearings in Dense Woods B can be accessed through a manhole found in the Mall and a portal found in Hell. The manhole will lead to a short trail containing a Frog (who can be interacted with to gain the Frog effect) and a second Jellyfish who can be interacted with for a one-way connection to the Teleport Maze. The portal will lead to a dark, winding path filled with Isee known as the Dark Woods. This path can be more easily navigated with the Lamp effect and will lead to the Traincar.


Dense Woods A

NexusPuddle World → Dense Woods A

Dense Woods B: Road

NexusPuddle WorldDense Woods A → Dense Woods B

Dense Woods B: Frog Path

NexusGraffiti WorldThe Mall → Dense Woods B

Dense Woods B: The Dark Woods

NexusForest WorldFace Carpet PlazaHell → Dense Woods B