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Yume Nikki:Teleport Maze

Teleport Maze
Teleport Maze intro.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)




Map Type Large, Looping
Events None
Notable NPCs

Warpo and Loople

Connecting Areas

Dense Woods B NoEntry
Static Tunnel NoReturn



Map ID 0110

Map of the warp connections in the Teleport Maze

The Teleport Maze (also known as the Cubes Maze by some fans) is a maze area consisting of floating cubes.


The Teleport Maze is a large area composed of several floating 3D structures, each dark blue in color. Several other structures can be seen floating in the background. Most of the structures have red tiles on them which will teleport Madotsuki when they are stepped on. There is also one blue tile within the maze which acts as the exit.

The area is accessed after interacting with a Jellyfish found in the Frog Path section of the Dense Woods B. Two similar-looking NPCs inhabit the world, known as Warpo and Loople. When the maze is completed, Madotsuki will be teleported to an isolated section of the Wilderness filled with stone cubes, one of which takes her to the Static Tunnel.


NexusGraffiti WorldThe MallDense Woods B (Frog Path) → Teleport Maze


  • The background music playing in the area is the same as the music used for the Aztec Rave Monkey event, albeit played at 50% speed.