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    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Department Store
    Entrance (Rooms)

    Effects EffectFlute
    Events Witch's Flight
    Notable NPCs Mall Shoppers, E-Man, Toriningen, O-Man, Tokuto-kun, Black Cat
    Connecting Areas

    Graffiti World
    Dense Woods B (Frog Path)
    Underground World NoEntry

    Removed Connections

    Sewers NoEntry

    BGM BGM_036くろいデパート (Main Room)
    ☆メニュータイプチェンジ☆ (Mall Rooms)
    なにをまもっているの?~盾民族の世界~ (Escalator Rooms)
    なつかしいうた (Flute Room)
    ほうき飛行 (Mall Rooftop)
    このまま、どこまでも〜ほうき飛行〜 (Witch's Flight)
    Map ID 0076 (Elevator Room)
    0077 (Main Room)
    0078 (Reception Room)
    0079 (Flute Room)
    0080 (Tokuto-kun's room)
    0082 (Manhole Room)
    0177 (Rooftop Exit)
    0178 (Mall Rooftop)
    0179 (Witch's Flight event)
    Map Type Medium, Non-looping, Multiple maps
    Version Added 0.01
    Extras +
    YNOproject Badges
    Blackcat(badgeyn).png Blackcat(badgeyn).gif Black Cat
    Tokuto(badgeYN).png Tokuto-kun
    MallShoppers(badgeYN).png Shop 'til You Drop

    The Mall is a deeper location found by going through the elevator in Graffiti World.

    Map of the Mall


    The Mall is a black-floored, purple-walled complex resembling a mall or store. The Mall's main layout is a maze of diagonal pathways similar to the Checkered Tile Path. There are multiple floors of the Mall, which are entered through escalators.

    Elevator Room

    Upon entering the Mall from the elevator in Graffiti World, there will be two escalator entrances. One leads down to the main floor. The other escalator will usually be blocked by a traffic cone, though there is a 1/4 chance that the cone will be absent and the escalator can be used to go up to the Mall's rooftop. The cone will always be absent if the player has entered this room through the elevator in Underground World.

    The background music in the elevator room is the same as Shield-Folk World's music, albeit played at half the speed. This is shared with the manhole room and the room leading to the rooftop.

    Main Floor

    The main floor of the Mall is an almost labyrinthine area full of people-like NPCs known as the Mall Shoppers. The floor contains two doorways to the mall rooms. The open area has two escalators: one leading back up to the elevator room and the other leading down to a room with a manhole. This takes Madotsuki to the Dense Woods B Frog Path, the most easily accessible section of Dense Woods B and part of the Dense Woods.

    A doorway far southwest leads to a room resembling a reception room with strange posters on the wall. E-Man will be sitting on a sofa, while a lunatic Toriningen works at the desk. The Toriningen can be interacted with to change Madotsuki's menu theme to either a pink theme or a red theme. Going into the room left of the reception room will lead to a smaller room with a framed picture and O-Man, who will be playing a chiptune song. Next to him is a flute, which can be picked up to gain the Flute effect.

    The other doorway is in the southeast and opens to a small room with a sofa chair, a pit filled with red liquid, and Tokuto-kun. Interacting with Tokuto-kun will make him tip over and spill red liquid from his head, immobilizing him completely. The sofa chair in this room can also be sat on.

    The gallery below consists of fanmade enlargements of the art found in the mall rooms:

    Mall Rooftop

    Going through the upwards escalator in the elevator room (normally blocked by a traffic cone) will lead to another room with a door to the Mall's rooftop. It is a small area with a background consisting of a cityscape, mountain range, and clear sky accompanied by exhilarating music. A black cat in this area can appear either on top of the entrance that the player came from or on some air conditioning units next to the entrance. They will periodically turn toward their wagging tail, as if they are licking their coat. When entering the rooftop, there is also a 1/64 chance the cat will instead appear on the main level, allowing the player to interact with it. If the Knife effect is equipped, the cat's eyes will turn a light pink color. If you meow with the Cat effect, the cat will move towards you if it has room to.

    If the player has the Witch effect, they can fly off the edge of the rooftop and activate the Witch's Flight event. This event and the rooftop share the same music, but the rooftop music is slowed down by 30%.


    NexusGraffiti World → Mall


    • The sofa chair in the reception-like room can be sat on if E-Man is killed using the Knife effect.
    • Stabbing O-Man with the Knife effect mutes the chiptune music and leaves the room silent, as he is producing the music.
      • The same outcome can be achieved by pausing him using the Stoplight effect.
    • The Mall uses the most BGM tracks of any single area. The escalator rooms, rooftop, main room, and smaller mall rooms all use different music.
    • In the English Steam release version of the game, if the player equips the Stoplight effect, switches it to its red light, and interacts with the desk Toriningen to make their menu theme red, the popup text for changing the menu theme will appear as garbled, untranslated text.
    • The background for the Mall's rooftop appears to be a view of the mountains surrounding Kōfu City in Japan.
    • If debug mode is enabled, the player will always initiate the Witch's Flight event when they walk off the roof, even if they don't have the Witch effect.
    • In a Thumbs.db file of version 0.04 of the game, there are two images of earlier versions of E-Man's room: one that looks completely different and another with a duplicate sofa on the side of the map.


    The Mall is speculated to resemble a hospital setting rather than a mall. This is especially apparent in the Mall's rooms.

    The posters in the Mall's rooms are sometimes speculated to resemble medical diagrams or pictures of body parts. The posters in the reception room resemble acts of fellatio, which suggests that Madotsuki is familiar with the imagery. This could suggest that she has experienced or witnessed these sexual acts somewhere, which has made an impression on her. The poster in Tokuto-kun's room could also be a diagram of sperm cells surrounding an egg cell, which relates to the same topic. One of the posters could also be interpreted as alluding to the Flute effect located in the room directly to the left of the posters, specifically the leftmost poster which depicts a creature with a white oblong object in its mouth. Some of the Mall's residents appear to reference the hospital theme as well. The Mall Shoppers grow distorted when interacted with, often twisting their bodies in unusual ways or having visual physical injuries (such as having open stomachs or decapitated heads). Tokuto-kun also leaks a red liquid from their head, which may allude to a head injury. E-Man, while they do not appear to have any injuries, sneezes as they sit on the sofa.

    The room containing O-Man could possibly be interpreted as a doctor's or therapist's office, considering a reception desk and sofa with a sneezing E-Man can be found preceding the room. Inside the room, he produces cheerful chiptune music, somewhat similar to the music heard in the FC Worlds. It should be noted that the FC Field specifically plays a particularly happy tune, being the only full piece of music in the game, which may illustrate these two instances as positive compared to the dreary and grotesque elements of the dream world. As the Flute effect can be found here, Madotsuki is able to perform music together with them. This suggests the Flute is given to the player by O-Man themself and may be a reference to music therapy.


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    BGM_036くろいデパート (https://yume.wiki/images/9/92/BGM 036-Loop.ogg, BGM 036-Loop.ogg, Main Room) +, ☆メニュータイプチェンジ☆ (https://yume.wiki/images/f/fc/BGM 012-50.ogg, BGM 012-50.ogg, Mall Rooms) +, なにをまもっているの?~盾民族の世界~ (https://yume.wiki/images/a/af/BGM 007.ogg, BGM 007.ogg, Escalator Rooms) +, なつかしいうた (https://yume.wiki/images/d/d1/BGM 018.ogg, BGM 018.ogg, Flute Room) +, ほうき飛行 (https://yume.wiki/images/a/a1/Playing Kiki-70.ogg, Playing Kiki-70.ogg, Mall Rooftop) +  and このまま、どこまでも〜ほうき飛行〜 (https://yume.wiki/images/9/99/Playing Kiki.ogg, Playing Kiki.ogg, Witch's Flight) +
    Medium +, Non-looping +  and Multiple maps +
    デパート +
    76 (Elevator Room) +, 77 (Main Room) +, 78 (Reception Room) +, 79 (Flute Room) +, 80 (Tokuto-kun's room) +, 82 (Manhole Room) +, 177 (Rooftop Exit) +, 178 (Mall Rooftop) +  and 179 (Witch's Flight event) +