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Yume Nikki:Face Carpet Plaza

Face Carpet Plaza
Basic Info
Original Name(s)


Effects EffectNone
Events None
Notable NPCs Toriningen, Nenrikido
Connecting Areas

Forest World
Neon Tile Path Catch☠️

Removed Connections

Dark World
Snow World

BGM とくん、とくん。
Map ID 0041
Map Type Small, Non-looping
Version Added 0.01

The Face Carpet Plaza is a deeper location accessible from Forest World.

Map of Face Carpet Plaza


The area is a fairly large plaza surrounded by spikes and filled with mask-like animal faces. A lunatic Toriningen wanders the area which traps Madotsuki in an isolated spot of Neon Tile Path. A single Nenrikido can also be found here, interacting with it will send you to Hell, dropping you near the red Henkei Shita.


NexusForest World → Face Carpet Plaza


  • One of the spikes near the northwest corner of the map is blunt due to a graphical mistake.
  • The faces look like animal masks from either Aztec or African tribal cultures, one of the many examples of this kind of imagery in the game.
  • The map was slightly larger in older versions, and had connections to Snow World and Dark World.
    • The aforementioned graphical mistake on one of the spikes was also not present.
    • The music used was different and was likely an early version of the Torinignen Beat. This music was also used in the old version of Lamp World.
Old Face Carpet Plaza & Lamp World Music