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    Docks A
    Vending Machine TD.jpg
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Lake Corridor (Vending Machine Side)

    Effects EffectNone
    Events None
    Notable NPCs Fisherman, Dropfish, Sea Snake
    Connecting Areas

    Windmill World NoEntry

    BGM かべにみられてる… ~壁画の世界~
    Map ID 0111
    Map Type Large, Looping
    Version Added pre-0.03
    Extras +
    YNOproject Badges
    Bottles(badgeyn).png Health Drinks
    Docks yume(badgeYN).gif Docks yume(badgeYN).png Docks

    The Docks A is accessible through either Windmill World or Sewers. It is a part of the Docks, one of the dream world's deeper locations.

    Map of the Docks


    The Docks A can be accessed through a passageway in the Sewers. The hole leading to this passageway serves as the exit from the world, but can only be entered while using the Midget effect. The area can also be entered by continuing through the main path of the Sewers and being eaten by Big Red to enter Windmill World. From there, interacting with the Fisherman will have him fly with you to the Docks A, where he will sit fishing.

    A snake-looking creature and Dropfish are found here, swimming around in the water. The Docks B can be partially seen by taking the rightmost path. There is also vending machine by the stairs leading to the third tunnel in the Sewers. This particular machine dispenses the largest and most expensive drinks, which cost 150 yen each but have an even chance of increasing Madotsuki's health by 1 or 2 HP.


    NexusMural WorldSewers → Docks A


    • The unused northeast section can be seen slightly if the player stands next to the Fisherman. It is likely placed there to give the illusion that there is more to the Docks than what the player can explore.