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Yume Nikki:Guillotine World

Guillotine World
YN Guillotine World.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)



EffectSevered Head

Events None
Notable NPCs Guillotine, Toriningen, Closet Creature
Connecting Areas

Number World
Hell Catch⚠️
Dense Woods A Catch⚠️

Removed Connections

Lamp World
Neon World NoEntry

BGM ないとめあ
Map ID 0035 (Normal size)

0036 (Big Guillotine World)

Map Type Small, Looping
Version Added 0.02

Guillotine World is a small, looping deeper location found by going through the bleeding wall near the beds in Number World.

Map of Guillotine World
Map of Big Guillotine World


Guillotine World consists of frantic purple tiles with very little room to move, giving it a rather uneasy feeling when traversing. There are various holes in the ground, all identical in shape. The background music consists of a loud roar-like noise, creating high suspense as the player desperately tries to avoid the two lunatic Toriningen that inhabit the area. As such, it is recommended to bring the Bicycle, Triangle Kerchief, or Stoplight effects to either outspeed or avoid the Toriningen altogether.

A single Guillotine can be found in this world, which gives the Severed Head effect when interacted with. Various Closet Creatures inhabit the area as well, cackling at Madotsuki if she opens one of their closets. A single closet in the area will warp Madotsuki back to Number World, right in front of the identical closets in the world's bed room.

When entering the bleeding wall in Number World, there is a 1/8 chance that the player will be taken to a larger variant of Guillotine World known as Big Guillotine World. This version contains six lunatic Toriningen instead of two and is much larger, which can make the search for the Guillotine a bit more difficult, though the contents of the world are the same as the normal variant.


NexusNumber World → Guillotine World


  • The Guillotine that gave the Severed Head effect was originally not placed in this room, instead being in Block World. The Guillotine was not added here until 0.07.