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    Yume 2kki:Chromatic Limbo

    Chromatic Limbo
    Chromatic limbo.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)


    Effects EffectNone
    Events None
    Notable NPCs Shadow Lady
    Connecting Areas

    Sugar Road
    Dim Graveyard

    BGM kappa_16
    Map ID 1994, 1995
    Version Added 0.120 patch 8
    Last Updated 0.123
    Author K0OdntepKs

    Chromatic Limbo is an area accessible from a portal in Sugar Road.

    Annotated map of Chromatic Limbo.
    Desaturated version of the map with safest path highlighted.


    Chromatic Limbo is a flashy, empty world that is shaped like a six-fingered hand with an eye on its palm. There are multiple Shadow Ladies roaming around the area, sending Urotsuki to the corner of the map if caught by them. This does not trap you however. The shadow ladies in this area are not affected by Crossing or Invisible.

    The most important feature of this area is that the world seemingly changes depending on the tile Urotsuki is standing on. The color of the tiles puts a filter on your vision of that color, only allowing you to see portion of the tile unless you are standing on a white tile. The colors follow addition rules, meaning stepping on a yellow tile allows you to view both red and green tiles, as yellow is a combination of red and green light. Similarly, cyan is a combination of green and blue, magenta is a combination of blue and red, and white is a combination of all three colors. Equipping the Rainbow effect will make the colors transition more slowly, allowing for better visualization of colored tiles. Any color except black is traversable.

    Explanation of Color Addition.

    The chasers' speed is also determined by the tile Urotsuki is currently standing on. red speeds them up while the other colors slow them down. Yellow (Red + Green) results in them being normal speed, White (Red + Green + Blue) becomes half speed (equivalent to standing on Green or Blue tiles) and stops following you. the fastest speed (Red) is equivalent to Urotsuki's Bike.

    There are warps, shaped like the number 8, that teleport Urotsuki to otherwise inaccessible sections, and at the end is a barricaded warp with a bouncing appendage on the top of it. Using the Chainsaw on this warp lets out an eerie sound and rewards Urotsuki with 10000. Going through the previously barricaded warp takes you to the small section that was previously only accessible via playing using EasyRPG prior to version 0.120a Patch 2.

    The alternate area that was found only when using EasyRPG.


    If the connection from Urotsuki's Dream Apartments to Sugar Road is active:

    With Chainsaw:


    • With the usage of Bat and the telephone at Sugar Road, this is the fastest way to gain as of now.
    • The chasers usually spawn near the bottleneck areas with one block wide tunnels you have to get through, so it might be necessary to lure them out before proceeding.