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Yume 2kki:Collision World

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Collision World
Basic Info



Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Silent Forest
Graffiti Passage LockedCondition🔐
Moonlit Pharmacy LockedCondition🔐

Removed Connections

Colorless Rose Garden Return🚩 NoReturn


kappa_13 (No. 399H)
Wilderness (Small Room) (No. 519D)

Map ID 2552, 2556, 2559


Collision World is an area accessible from Silent Forest.

Map of Collision World


Collision World is a dark, looping area filled with blue-and-black creatures, possibly boars, that move extremely fast across horizontal trails of pawprints. Colliding with them will wake Urotsuki up. The Crossing effect will not stop them.

The background is a scrolling image of an abstract object, perhaps some kind of creature. Scattered about the area are lamp posts, fences, dead trees, ferns, and tall signs depicting the fast creatures. Blue-eyed variants of the Shadow ??? Chasers roam the area, and being caught by them will play a sound before waking Urotsuki up.

Going south of the dark building to Silent Forest will lead to two silhouettes seemingly striking poses. Walking between them will take Urotsuki to Graffiti Passage if text events are enabled. If text events are disabled, a circular "X" sign with no collision will be between the figures.

South of the posing figures is a wide stampede zone, and crossing to the middle will lead to a dark building. Entering it will require risky movement, and inside is a small room with a drawing of a closed blood-red eye and an open white eye. Colorless vines can be seen hanging above. The eye drawings match those seen in Abyssal Garden's Bloodstained Eye House and the Illusive Forest's Bloody Eye House. The gate at the back wall of the building will open after interacting with the NPCs inside both of these houses at least once, and it will lead to Moonlit Pharmacy.


If the connection between Restored Character World and Graffiti Passage is unlocked:


  • Red "no" signs, also seen in Submerged Signs World, were located throughout the area prior to version 0.121f Patch 3.

Old images