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    Yume 2kki:Floating Brain World

    Floating Brain World
    Floating brain world.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Mad Red Brain

    Effects EffectNone
    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Wounded Turtle World NoEntry
    Spike Alley Eyeball Bomb

    BGM e11
    Map ID 1696
    Version Added 0.117g patch 3
    Author aediorugap

    The Floating Brain World is an area accessible from the red tentacle in Wounded Turtle World.


    Outdated map of Floating Brain World

    This area is a large, looping, visceral world filled with mouths, tentacles, and as the name tells, floating brains, over a panorama of similarly-looking emojis. Smaller white floating brains wander the area, where equipping the Drum will make them show a single eye, and using the Glasses will reveal them as the Maligned Turtle. These brains are immune to the Chainsaw; they do not die once attacked.

    There is a set of ring-like objects forming an 8-shaped pattern, where the upper part has a bloody metallic instrument which takes you to the Spike Alley blocked by a similar instrument, where its position is determined by a hidden condition.


    Much like the Marine Pavilion, making your way to the succeeding area is another paradoxical scenario, involving two mutually-exclusive states related to the instrument blocking the exit, in which it always blocks the bloody instrument in both states when accessing this area through normal means. The area allows the use of the Bat effect, which you must use to your advantage here, under the consideration that the marked position persists when you are in the same map and haven't woken up OR used the bed in Urotsuki's Dream Apartments. As the position of the instrument guarding the exit is affected by the existence of the Bat effect in your inventory, it is very similar to the cone's appearance in the Marine Pavillion: the instrument will be in front if the Bat effect is present, and in the back if it is not currently in your inventory.
    Once at the 8-shaped figure, you must mark a position just outside of it using the Bat effect. With the Eyeball Bomb, you can return straight to the Nexus and drop the Bat effect in the Trophy Room (after favoriting it in the Dream Room), then taking a shortcut back to this area by being caught by the chaser in the Funeral Prison or being caught by the spiders in Forest Cavern and returning to the marked position with the Bat effect from there, where you will need to repeat the process from within each part of the shape (alternating between dropping and obtaining the effect) until you have reached the bloody instrument to Spike Alley.

    Spoilers end here.



    After setting up the teleport with the Bat effect:

    Spoilers end here.


    • Prior to version 0.121g, Variable #44 could be rerolled in the bed in Urotsuki's Dream Apartments, with the Bat effect's last marked position being held. As such, the previous solution to the puzzle involving the 8-shaped figure heavily utilized this feature in order to change the position of the instrument each visit.
      • If The Nexus was grey (Variable #44 is < 128), the instrument would be placed in front. If The Nexus was blue (Variable #44 is > 128), however, it would be in the back, making this the ideal starting position.
      • A similar return method was used as the one listed above in order to return to the world quickly, but only needed to be employed at least once.