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Yume 2kki:Heart Pattern Pathway

Heart Pattern Pathway
Ynoproject 2kki screenshot 2023-11-17-13-59-33.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Oto Omoi no Tsūro
Musical Feelings Passage



Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Blue Shape Zone
Chain World
Scale Model Exhibit
Himalayan Salt Shoal


水輪_byやわらか (Red Heart) (No. 752A)
夜明_byやわらか (Blue Heart) (No. 753)
小思_byやわらか (Yellow Heart) (No. 754)
浮柔_byやわらか (Pink Heart) (No. 755A)
震憶_byやわらか (Purple Heart) (No. 756)
休疲_byやわらか (Green Heart) (No. 757)

Map ID 2507


Heart Pattern Pathway is an area accessible from Scale Model Exhibit.

Map of Heart Pattern Pathway


Heart Pattern Pathway is a medium-sized looping area consisting of multicolored paths made of tiny hearts. Stepping onto a different heart color will alter the music and tint the screen accordingly. Each heart tile will produce a different sound effect depending on the color.

Southwest of the Scale Model Exhibit entrance is a spiral of blue hearts with a blue object in the middle, which serves as the connection to Blue Shape Zone.

On the yellow path, east of the Scale Model Exhibit entrance, is a large gate similar to the one in Magenta Village; it is currently blocked by a construction sign. Further northeast is a different blocked gate on the green path.

Slightly west of the green blocked gate is the connection to Chain World, inside a spiral of blue hearts.

At the end of a pink swirl of hearts to the southwest of the Blue Shape Zone connection is a small, somewhat heart-shaped chunk of pink rock salt that transports you to Himalayan Salt Shoal upon interaction.


After visiting the Art Gallery once:


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