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    Yume 2kki:Maple Forest

    Maple Forest
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Aki no megumi
    Autumn Blessings

    Effects EffectNone

    WP #586

    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Stalker Alley
    Azure Depths
    Star Hub Chainsaw

    Playing Card Dungeon
    Four Seasons Forest DeadEnd↩️
    Deserted Center LockedCondition🔐

    BGM 2_49 (Maple Forest) (No. 236D)
    aediorugap カッチン (Bamboo Forest) (No. 664)
    drm_kan_ge_kaze_kouya01 (Golden Chinatown) (No. 241E)
    wa (Lollipop Isle)
    Map ID 1274, 1622
    Version Added 0.113c
    Last Updated 0.115
    Author aediorugap

    The Maple Forest is a location accessible from Stalker Alley by going between two black forks or from Azure Depths by interacting with the bamboo shoot creature.

    Map of the Maple Forest
    Map of the Bamboo Forest
    Map of the Golden Chinatown


    This is a pretty straight-forward area, featuring maple trees, mushrooms, and large pipes. Throughout the area are walking mushroom NPCs that are attracted to the Drum effect, repelled by the Cake and Lantern effects, and will spin if the Plaster Cast effect is equipped. They can be killed using the Lantern effect.

    If you came from Stalker Alley, going southeast, when you are in an open area, you will find a barely noticeable bamboo shoot. If you step over it, it will take you to Bamboo Forest.

    Going further southeast, there is a ladder that will take you to Playing Card Dungeon.

    If you came from Four Seasons Forest, there is a red creature with many eyes on the western end of the area that will take the player to Deserted Center upon interaction.

    Bamboo Forest

    The Bamboo Forest (タケノコの山, Takenoko no Yama, Bamboo Shoot Mountain) is a labyrinthine section inhabited by bamboo shoot-like creatures. If you enter from Azure Depths or come from the Maple Forest section, you will be placed in a bamboo forest. Interacting with the blue mushroom NPC will take you back to Azure Depths, and if you touch the brown mushrooms, you will be taken back to the Maple Forest section.

    This first section features many bamboo shoot creatures and small bamboo shoots on the ground. Going north, you will eventually be taken to a "dead end" with a multiple-eyed monster. It can be chainsawed, but it will have no effect. If you try to slide over by using the Penguin effect in the passage that leads to said monster, you will see that something is blocking you. When using the Glasses effect, you will see white snakes for a split second. After sliding, equipping the Chainsaw effect and killing any of the snakes will let you continue forward and get to the Golden Chinatown section.

    Golden Chinatown

    Golden Chinatown is an eerie, hollow area. All buildings are blocked off by cones, except for one on the eastern half of the town section, which leads to a convenience store. Somewhere in the middle, there is a small bamboo section with Torii gates. Through the gates is a shrine where you can drop off 10. Paying overall 10000夢 is the key to unlocking a hard-to-access area (or at least, it used to: see more in the Trivia section in Laundromat). East of here, you will find a red bench that you can sit on.

    In the town itself, if you go north, you will encounter the dock, with star particles in the ocean. One of the particles is close enough to be interacted with, taking you to the Star Hub. If you go right from here and encounter the second lamp post, equipping the Glasses effect will reveal one of the white snakes from the entrance to this place.

    There is a vending machine in the northwestern building, where interacting with the trash bin with any mask equipped will take you to the Lollipop Isle, a small area inhabited by a person in a karate outfit. This person initially has a happy expression, which will change depending on what effect is equipped. Using the Glasses will make them disappear, and attempting to chainsaw them will unequip the effect. Interacting with them after stopping them with Crossing will cause Urotsuki to wake up on the balcony.


    If the connection from Digital Forest to Fluorescent Halls is unlocked:

    With the Penguin effect:

    With the Child effect, after visiting both the Star Hub and Candy World:


    • The bamboo shoot creatures in the Bamboo Forest are based on chocolate bamboo shoots, a popular treat in Japan.
    • Bamboo Forest's Japanese name is called "タケノコの山 (The Mountain Of Bamboo Shoots) ", a fusion of the names of the popular chocolate bamboo shoots and chocolate mushroom treats in Japan. Preferences over the two treats is a hotly-debated topic among Japanese people.


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