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    Yume 2kki:Secret Society

    Secret Society
    Secret society.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Secret society

    Effects EffectNone

    WP #686
    WP #695
    WP #773

    Events None
    Notable NPCs Cultists
    Connecting Areas

    Rice Field
    Sunset Hill
    Moonlit Pharmacy NoEntry

    BGM e40 (No. 259D)
    kousyo (Secret Room) (No. 087H)
    e5 (Leader's Headquarters) (No. 086C)
    e37 (Floor 8)
    Map ID 2066, 2076, 2497
    Version Added 0.120 patch 5
    Last Updated 0.122i patch 1
    Author Yumebako

    The Secret Society is a location accessible after taking a brief boat ride in Rice Field.


    The Secret Society appears to take place in a gloomy, fancy building, with intricate violet walls tacked with old papers, particularly on the first floor. Many of its doors are flanked with similarly purple flowers. Numerous cultists with white octahedron heads and light gray robes can be seen wandering the halls here. This area has eight floors in total.

    Floor 1-2

    Taking the door at the left wing of the hall will lead to a small office room with a desk and a stool, though the stool cannot be sat in. If the cutscene at Thumbtack World's cliff has been triggered, a secret door can be found on the left wall, which leads to a corridor decorated with empty photo frames and vases containing purple flowers. At the end of the corridor, a red creature trapped inside a cylyndrical glass tank can be found. If the current Variable #44 value is over 200, the leader of the society will be kneeling in front of the tank, only to attack Urotsuki with a dark blue slime on approach, forcing her to wake up.

    Taking the stairs at the right wing will lead the player down a corridor, whose walls are scattered with blank, framed portraits, with a third set of stairs at the end.

    Floor 3

    The third floor contains more doors that may be entered, and is populated with more of the Society's cultists. One door will lead to a room where two of the blue-and-black blob chasers are trapped behind separate glass walls, running about aimlessly as they are observed by one cultist. The other two doors contain bedrooms for the other cultists, though one is heavily scattered with papers and is housed by a stationary cultist. Arriving from Moonlit Pharmacy places you in a room with a book that can be examined. Leaving puts you outside of the blob observation room.

    Floor 4-5

    The fourth floor leads to a library, where various cultists are seen reading papers by candlelight, overseen by one other cultist standing by one of the bookshelves. A book can be found on the right side of the room, hidden behind a bookshelf; interact with it to see a hint about the empty room on Floor 5.

    Arriving at the fifth floor, you may find a door at the center, which leads to a silent, dark, looping room with an ominous atmosphere. There's a hidden black blob here, and interacting with it using the Lantern effect will make static noise play and a red face appear, after which the screen starts to shake and Urotsuki gets teleported to an isolated section of Knife World. Additionally, walking 8 steps down, 3 right, 12 up and finally 5 left from the entrance door leads to a secret room with cultists suspended in glass tanks. Adjacent to these tanks stands a solitary table with a book, which changes depending if text events are activated.

    As the player draws closer to the stairs leading to the sixth floor, the area's BGM will noticeably fall silent.

    Floor 6

    After walking through a linear corridor flanked with more potted, purple flowers, the player will arrive at a hallway. Taking the door at the end will lead to the headquarters of the president of the Secret Society, an NPC with dark red hair and gray robes. The front of their robes are open, unlike the cultists. Visiting this room is important for an event in Thumbtack World . This room does not need to be unlocked.

    Floor 7-8

    Floor 7 segways into Floor 8, leading to a dark, ominous corridor, the end of which will take you to Sunset Hill.



    • The door to the secret room may need to be unlocked more than once.

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