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Shop Ruins
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Haikyo shōten
Ruined Store




WP #397

Events Surgical Ward's Facade
Notable NPCs

Shop Ruins Doctor

Connecting Areas

Cocktail Lounge
Halloween Zone
Realm of Gluttony
Blood Cell Sea LockedCondition🔐 NoReturn


2_16 (No. 370C)
tonny04 (Inside the bottles)
tonny04 (Chemical Storage Area)

Map ID 0705, 0708, 0709, 1551


The Shop Ruins is an area accessible from the Cocktail Lounge by interacting with the smoking trenchcoat NPC on the rooftop, and taking the exit from their room.


Annotated Map of the Shop Ruins

This area features blue corridors, decorated with trash and also inhabited by garbage bag NPCs. As you explore, the lights will flicker on and off periodically. You will also notice that the doors with the black tag next to them are locked, while the white and uniquely shaped ones or the door itself which stands out can be entered. A number of the rooms with white tags are empty, unless stated otherwise in the following sections.

Ground Floor

White door with dual-colored cross: This room is a small surgical ward behind a white door with a red cross inhabited by a bespectacled, angel-like NPC (who assumes a much more menacing appearance when Urotsuki brandishes the Chainsaw or Glasses) and little pill creatures, with a colorful splatter on the floor speared with a scalpel in its center, and various medical supplies, including what is apparently a worm-like creature dangling from a ceiling wire, wriggling violently.

The back room of this ward is completely filled to the brim with round pill creatures. You won't be able to walk around much until you chainsaw most of them.

If you equip the Marginal or Plaster Cast effects in the main ward near the angel NPC, they will approach and heal Urotsuki of her injuries, seemingly by "eating" it. If you decide to chainsaw it, the angel NPC will take on a more abominable appearance, as it chases you, sending you to a small, isolated room with a gigantic tablet if you get caught.

By equipping the Glasses, the illustration on the poster near the wriggling worm will change its appearance: an open eye with blood pouring out. Interacting with it in that state will lead to a small room with the angel NPC, who is carrying one of the heart containers scattered around the room, next to two monster skeletons. Interacting with the angel NPC in this room will make Urotsuki step backwards, as the former looks at her, dropping the heart container. This then makes the other hearts inside containers disappear, while leaving the angel NPC unconscious. Exiting the room afterwards will reveal that the angel NPC has also died in their ward, with their blood smeared on the wall. The worm will be gone and the door to the back room will be locked.

Door surrounded by pottery: This is the entrance from Cocktail Lounge.

Door with a heart-shaped tag: This room is a bedroom inhabited by two eyeball creatures, one with a ribbon, and another which is a cluster of smaller eyeballs.

Red door: Inside is some sort of a meat locker kitchen, with a cyclops butcher and a tentacle cat. This room has two doors, one on the left leads to a small room with a refrigerator, which has more meat products, while the other door contains a folk of purple haired girls.

Opening the purple locker in the left room will teleport the player to the Realm of Gluttony with a flash of red. There is also a 1/6 chance that interacting with the locker will show a close-up of its contents, being a handgun with a red ribbon draped over it, before teleporting the player.

Rightmost door: Inside this room is an NPC that moves at an extremely rapid pace. Using the Crossing effect will stop it in place, and interacting with it in this state causes it to die with a squishing sound, giving 500.

Floor B1

White elliptic door: Behind this door is a set of drums and a small one that you can sit on. Equipping the Drum effect here will open the small drum, leading to a secret room inhabited by a slime and a humanoid creature reading a book. Equipping the Chainsaw will make the creature hold a crowbar, and chainsawing it will make them block the weapon using the crowbar, unequipping the Chainsaw as a result.

Door with a cake nearby: Inside is a cake shop containing a shop keeper in maid attire and a ghastly sludge on the counter. If you interact with the shop keeper from the counter, you will pay 100夢 and be given either any of the following:

  • Chocolate muffin
  • Strawberry muffin
  • Strawberry cake
  • Aquatic-themed gelatin cake
  • Gelatin cake with multicolored candies
  • Heart-decorated green tea cake

Equipping the Cake or Chainsaw effects will cause the shopkeeper to face the Urotsuki, and in the case of the latter, refuse to sell her food. Chainsawing her will cause her head to come off, revealing that she's a robot.

Door with heart scribbles: This room stores a giant snowman teddy bear plushie, and more things related to makeup or dressing. For a small fee each, Urotsuki could wear any of the outfits put on display in this room, a few of which are worn by her younger self, but the outfits will be taken off upon leaving the Ruins. Wearing the pink dress unlocks Wallpaper #417. The pink blob creature will bounce happily if the Twintails effect is equipped, while the tailor reacts to the Chainsaw, Fairy and Insect effects respectively.

Door with a circular black tag on the right: Behind this door is a big fungus emerging from the floor, and a cute pink blob on a trashcan, which will turn into an aggressive one-eyed tentacle monster if the Chainsaw effect is equipped.

Floor B2

Door with a mat in front: This leads to a room that looks like a traditional Japanese house. There's a black drum from which a blue worm will emerge if interacted with; the more you interact with it the more the worm emerges out, until it goes back to the inside the drum.

Door with glowing stars: Behind this door contains many beds and a spinning heart, interacting with it will take you to the Halloween Zone.

Dark red door: There is a small room behind this door with 4 moving NPCs. Using Glasses effect will reveal a headless Urotsuki on the wall. Equipping Marginal effect will attract the NPCs towards you. Chainsawing the NPCs will lead you to Blood Cell Sea.

Floor B3

This floor is accessible from the elevator in Floor B2.

Door on the left: This leads back to the Florist.

Red door: This leads to a room resembling part of a mansion's interior, which has a trap door that can be opened by equipping either the Stretch or Glasses effect, leading to a chemical storage area with shotguns stored on the northern wall.

Chemical Storage Area

In the chemical storage area, interacting with the bottles on the left or right tables will send Urotsuki to an 8-bit area, which changes her appearance.

Left bottle: The left bottle leads to a pink room, where the second room has two NPCs. Interacting with the one resembling a heart will temporarily change the menu theme into a pink ribbon-themed menu theme, and interacting with it again at that state will revert the menu theme as configured prior.

Right bottle: This leads to an orange room, where the second features a bed impaled by a fork.

Center bottle: Interacting with the bottle of perfume on the center table, you will find yourself in a staircase leading to the bottle itself, now in a much bigger view. Equipping the Glasses here will reveal a ghost. Residing inside the bottle is the Perfumist, who reacts poorly to the Boy and Gakuran effects. Chainsawing her will cause her to shoot herself, and going back there at that state will show that a flower has been planted in memory of her.

Floor B4

This floor is accessible from the downward staircase in Floor B2.

The elevator in this floor is currently blocked off by traffic cones.

Left door: There's a small pink creature next to this door, which is closed; if you pay the creature 20夢, it will be happy and unlock the door for you, which has a bathhouse containing two NPCs and one large entity.

Right door: This door is blocked off by cones, beyond them is a bloody door and a panicking eye.


After visiting Cyber Maze once: