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Neon Sea
Neon Sea.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)





WP #209 & #224

Events Neon Sea Monster
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Tesla Garden NoEntry
Blue Cactus Islands
Viridian Wetlands
Lost Shoal

Removed Connections

Hidden Shoal
Square Ruins Return🚩


An_491 (No. 351C)
0722_03 (Marina's House Lights On) (No. 198B)
2_16 (Marina's House Lights Off) (No. 370A)
drm_kan_ge_doupicho0 (Entrance to Viridian Wetlands) (No. 240B)

Map ID 0840, 0841
Primary Author


Contributing Author(s)

shigurin, qxy

The Neon Sea is a deeply buried area accessible from the Tesla Garden.

Map of the Neon Sea


The Neon Sea is a small, horizontally-looping underwater area filled with bioluminescent marine life, including jellyfish, coral, sea pens, and seaweed. Every half-second, there is a 1/500 chance that a sea monster will swim through the foreground. Seeing this creature will unlock Wallpaper #209.

Attempting to return to Tesla Garden will lead to an isolated aquarium featuring various creatures that bear resemblance to the sea monster. Southeast of the entrance is another small building surrounded by green corals with a door to Marina's House.

Taking the green ladder at the bottom of the area will lead to a series of narrow paths connected by ladders, with neon cubes resembling those in the Square Ruins. One of the cubes has a doorway, and inside is a room constructed of these cubes with a small couch and a bed. Continuing down the paths will bring you past a skull, perhaps of a sea monster, then to a doorway leading to the Viridian Wetlands.

Marina's House

Marina's house (浅瀬の家, Asase no Ie, Shoal's House) is a colorful bedroom where you can find a green-haired girl named Marina. When the lights are on, interacting with her will take Urotsuki to the Blue Cactus Islands. Switching off the lights will alter Marina's appearance and reveal a door that will lead back to the Neon Sea. The right door will lead to the Lost Shoal regardless of whether the lights are on or off.

If the Chainsaw effect is equipped, Marina will run away, though she cannot be killed. If the Marginal effect is equipped, she will turn into a motionless, gloomy boy in a hoodie.



If the connection from Urotsuki's Dream Apartments to Sugar Road is active and you visited Chaos Exhibition from the Underground Laboratory:


If the connection from Urotsuki's Dream Apartments to Sugar Road is active:

With Glasses:

After visiting the Industrial Waterfront once:


  • Although the area appears to be underwater, the Eyeball Bomb effect can be used, and Urotsuki will be unable to swim while the Penguin effect is equipped.
  • Before version 0.113, this area had a connection to an isolated area of the Square Ruins with a couch and a bed on top of a cube, which served as a connection to the Viridian Wetlands. This connection was only available if the Square Ruins was entered from Cosmic World at least once. This room may be seen in the current path to the Viridian Wetlands.
  • Before version 0.113, a connection to the Hidden Shoal was found in Marina's House.

Old Images