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Madotsuki in her room's bed. Note the countdown in the upper left corner.

As Yume Nikki is a game about dreams, beds obviously have an important role in the game.

The most significant of these is the bed in Madotsuki's Room. Climbing into bed produces a three-second countdown while Madotsuki falls asleep, after which she will appear on her balcony in the dream world.

Dream World Beds

Madotsuki in all of the standard dream world beds.

There are numerous beds within the dream world itself, some found in the most inexplicable places. There are five that can be entered initially, fairly close to the Nexus. They are located in:

If Madotsuki has the Umbrella, Severed Head, or Bicycle effects equipped, she can not get into the beds.

Madotsuki's Dream Bedroom

Madotsuki's room in the dream world is nearly identical to the one in the real world. Just like in the room's real-world equivalent, the bed on the right side of the room can be slept in.

Candle World

One of the dream world's beds is located in Candle World. It can be found by going slightly north of the Nexus entrance and then going east. Wandering by the bed is a single Toriningen who, when stabbed with the Knife effect, will run abnormally fast in order to catch Madotsuki, even faster than the Bicycle effect.

Snow World

Another dream world bed can be found in Snow World. Going east of the Nexus entrance, the player will eventually come across two trees that are close to each other. Using this as a landmark, going south between the two trees will lead to the Snow World bed. The igloo leading to the Pink Sea can also be found south of this bed.

Block World

The dream world bed found in Block World is southeast of the Nexus entrance. Nearby is also the Hat & Scarf effect, which is southeast of the bed.

Number World's Bed Room

By going slightly west from the Nexus entrance, the player will come across the door to the Bed Room, a second room in Number World filled with beds. There are, in total, 71 beds in the Bed Room, however, most are either occupied or unreachable. Only one can be entered - the center bed on the 5th row.

Staircase of Hands

The staircase you get sent to after sleeping in a particular dream world bed.

Any one of the five available beds may send Madotsuki to the Staircase of Hands when she sleeps in them, while the others will do nothing. The bed selected to do this is randomly chosen when Madotsuki falls asleep.

Once Madotsuki is sent to the Staircase of Hands, she can either go upwards to return to the bed she fell asleep in (which will send her back if she sleeps in it again) or she can go downwards, leading to the Underground World and then the Spaceship, the latter of which has another bed she can get into.


Madotsuki asleep in the Spaceship bed.

In addition to the beds listed above, there is also a unique bed on the Spaceship. Unlike others in the dream world, it will not send you to the Staircase of Hands, but instead has a 1/6 chance of causing the Spaceship Crash event whenever Madotsuki enters the bed and waits for a bit.

The Spaceship cannot be reached without first dousing the flames at the end of Underground World, which themselves cannot be reached without first falling asleep in the random bed listed above. This means that in order to access Mars, Madotsuki must fall asleep three times in three different beds.


The Candle World Toriningen standing on the bed.
  • There is a graphical error in which characters appear to be standing on top of the bed when Madotsuki gets into it.
  • Using the Snow World bed is required in order to experience the Melting Madotsuki event, as using the Yuki-onna and Hat and Scarf effect combo at the Staircase of Hands or Underground World will result in the Blazing Corridor flames being put out.
  • The unoccupied Number World beds that are normally unreachable due to the surrounding beds cannot be slept in, even if accessed through the Noclip glitch.
  • The bed in the Spaceship originally had a black filter cover the screen once Madotsuki fell asleep in it. This was oddly removed in the English Steam release of Yume Nikki, which replaced the black filter with a transparent one, making it so there are no visual changes once Madotsuki enters the bed.
Lamp World in older versions. Note the many beds.
  • In v0.04, if the player attempts to sleep in the Candle World bed from above, they will still be able to walk around despite being in the bed, albeit their sprite will be completely invisible.
  • In the earliest obtainable version of the game, v0.04, there were several beds that were later removed from the game. These beds served different purposes:
    • There were four beds located in the upper section of the Checkered Tile Path, though they did nothing as the Staircase of Hands did not exist yet. These beds were removed in v0.07 alongside a reworking of the area's structure.
    • Block World had an event known as the Toriningen's Bed event, which consisted of a long path leading to a single bed. Getting into this bed would make an unavoidable lunatic Toriningen appear, which would trap Madotsuki in Footprint Path B upon interaction. This event was removed in v0.07.
    • Lamp World was originally accessible from the Nexus and had a completely different appearance. With this appearance was a room filled with beds alongside a single isolated bed. The isolated bed could be accessed by getting caught by the Toriningen in the Checkered Tile Path. Sleeping in any of the beds here simply dims the lights, as the Staircase of Hands did not exist yet. These beds were revamped into Number World's Bed Room in v0.08.
      • It's possible that the dimmed lights upon getting into these beds were reworked or meant to test the dimmed lights that appear upon getting into the bed in the Spaceship.