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Doll House
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Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Ningyō yashiki



Events None
Notable NPCs

Dolls, Sad Jellyfish

Connecting Areas

Tesla Garden
Cat Cemetery



Map ID 0837, 0838
Primary Author


Contributing Author(s)


Doll House is an area accessible from Tesla Garden.


Upon entering the doll house, Urotsuki is confronted by a dark hallway leading up to the next room, the western half of which is filled with a maze of white pillars and white flowering bushes. In the center of the maze is a black object that appears to be a fountain. Equipping the Chainsaw effect will make Sad Jellyfish appear in a walled off area above the fountain. Exiting the maze to the east are the doll house dolls, each with a crown upon its head. The path east of this room leads to the Cat Cemetery.

The dolls will react to a variety of effects:

  • Equipping the Chainsaw will cause cracks to appear in the dolls' face, albeit they cannot be attacked.
  • Equipping the Glasses will reveal that the dolls are moving as a result of strings attached to them.
  • Equipping the Grave effect will cause all the dolls' head to vanish while the dolls themselves will stop moving.
  • They will react as usual to the Crossing effect.


After visiting the Industrial Waterfront once: