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Yume 2kki:Graveyard of Repentance

Graveyard of Repentance
Basic Info
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Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Lonely Home
Haniwa Hollow


martin0304_bgm02 (No. 562B)
martin0304_bgm02 (slow) (Church Exterior) (No. 562C)
MM_ambi3 (Church) (No. 631B)
RIMA-bgm-orgel004 (Cake Shop) (No. 292F)
Yuri_Earth tremor (Flower Room)
y24u_00023 (Twin Mountains View) (No. 808)
y24u_00025 (Secret Portrait Area) (No. 809)

Map ID 2694, 2695, 2696, 2697, 2699, 2700


Graveyard of Repentance is an area accessible from Lonely Home.


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By heading down and taking the first available path left from Lonely Home, Urotsuki will come across a building with a poster of a familiar face. Entering it brings her to Haniwa Hollow.

The sauntering sacred slimes will bounce upon interaction and react to the Marginal effect in a similar fashion to blue slimes.

Hidden in the world is a key, which unlocks access to a door in a specific building near the Lonely Home entrance. This specific building will only be accessible sometimes. The door will lead to an area with a portrait that can be interacted with and a book that unlocks a different book in the Library, which hints at a difficulty toggle for Yumebako's worlds. The books will only be present if text events are enabled.

Close to that specific building is another hidden doorway. Inside is a softly tinted room with potted flowers, a watering can, and two seats at a table. Wandering the room is an NPC with green eyes and blonde hair. They have a green and brown outfit with an apron. They will react to the Lantern effect.

Located far to the northeast is a set of steps ascending to a warm view of the Twin Mountains. A familiar character can sometimes be seen observing the mountains.

Further northeast of the vista is a church where a Shadow Slime can be found.


When Urotsuki first finds the blob, it will be awake and the candles in the church will be lit. If Urotuski interacts with it, it will take a nice nap and the candles will be extinguished. Interacting with it again will wake it up. This will toggle the difficulty level of Yumebako's worlds. When the blob is awake, the difficulty is set to "hard". If it's asleep, the difficulty is set to "easy".

While easy difficulty is active, unique chasers will disappear from the following areas: Graveyard of Repentance, Haniwa Hollow (the cake is also gone), Sea of Trees, Planter Passage, Abyssal Garden, Brutal Sewing Landscape, Torii Trail (except the Shadow ???s), and Thumbtack World (except the classic chasers, like the Shadow Gloop). In Collision World, the Shadow ???s with blue eyes will disappear, and the stampeding chasers will be dramatically slowed.

Event-specific chasers will still appear while easy difficulty is active, like the ones in the Sea of Trees after chainsawing the twisted-looking figure. The blob on an isolated island in the Sea of Trees, the blob army in Rice Field, and the caged blobs in the Secret Society will still be present.

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If the connection from Urotsuki's Dream Apartments to Sugar Road is active:

After entering the Server Hub from Lonely Home:

After entering the Server Hub from Rice Field:


  • The Chainsaw effect cannot be equipped here.


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