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Uneven Dream:Soundtrack

This page is pretty much complete as of 0.07, but might be missing a few tracks. If you want to contribute to this page, here are a few tips:

- if the track is a few seconds long, loop it as close to exactly a minute as possible.

- if it's closer to a minute-long song, repeat it only once.

- if it's a full song like "fd-save", leave it as-is.

- all files are required to be in the .ogg format in order to save space.

- files are stored in the format of (filename) (speed); for example, QMark-BGMWhat 50

Regular BGM

Track Filename Location/Event Speed/Pitch/Other Notes Music
001247xFD-00 Galleta World 130%
1247-dreampalace1 Dream Palace 90%
1247-dreampalace2 Dream Palace (Rooms) 70% (Tanabata Clouds Entrance)
90% (Most Rooms)

1247-fairies Red Forest (Butterfly Effect's Room) 90%
1247-forest Red Forest 60%
1247-mystical Ice Chapel (Ice Cave) 100%
1247-neoncity Neon City 60%

1247-reflections Moonlight Lake 90%
1247-YM2612-001 PC98 World (Japanese Castle) 90%
anthem_garden_draft_3 Rainy Garden 100%
anthem_gardenhouse_draft_4 Rainy Garden (Shed, Music Box Room) 50% (Music Box Room)
100% (Shed)

anthem_hall_draft_4 Elegant Diner 100%
anthem_incense_draft_5 Incense World 70%
anthem_shedroofreflection_draft_5 Rainy Garden (Radio Tower Outlook) 100%
ebroxas-8bit-1 NES World (Overworld) 100%
EBroxas-8bit-2 NES World (House) 100%
EBroxas-8bit-3 NES World (Sky) 90%, 100%
EBroxas72-church Ice Chapel 80%
EBroxas72-Horse Winter Village (Horse Rooms) 100% (Regular)
150% (Negative)

EBroxas72-Ominus Lamppost World (Constellation Path) 80%
EBroxas72-Snow1 Cabin 60%
EBroxas72-Snow2 Cabin (Inside Mouse Hole) 60%
EBroxas72-Totsu-grave Heaven's Docks (after Goodbye Totsu Event) 80%
EBroxas72-Waltz Winter Village (Dance Party Room, one-off room) 70% (One-off Room)
150% (Dance Party Room)

EBroxas-angel Purple Town (Angel with Gold/Silver Wings) 70%
Ebroxas-back Starlit Road (Cliff behind the store) 90%
Ebroxas-backwardspiano Heaven's Docks (Goodbye Totsu Event) 90%
EBroxas-BGM-4 Picnic Table, DUDE Complex (Escape Ladder) 70% (Picnic Table)
150% (DUDE Complex)

EBroxas-Churche Ice Chapel (The Disciples' Room) 50%
EBroxas-Cliffs All-Seeing Forest (Triste) 100%
EBroxas-clock Winter Village (Clock Room) 100%
EBroxas-Dojo Sky Islands (Dojo Island) 100%
EBroxas-Doodle-world Doodle World 100%
EBroxas-Dudecomplex DUDE Complex 100% (DUDES are caged)
150% (DUDES are loose)

EBroxas-Eye-forest-Remix All-Seeing Forest (Turtle Hole Event)
Bumblebee Lounge (Hornet's Wrath Event)
70% (Hornet's Wrath Event)
100% (Before Hole Event)
150% (During Hole Event)
EBroxas-Flight Sky Islands (Origami Flight Event) 100%
EBroxas-forest_normal All-Seeing Forest 100%
Ebroxas-forest-scary-slow2 All-Seeing Forest (Turtle Hole Event, falling down hole), Dreadful Gallery 100% (Turtle Hole)
150% (Dreadful Gallery)

Ebroxas-globe5 Heaven's Docks 70%
EBroxas-Nexus-13remix Star Field (To Sky Islands) 100%
Ebroxas-NPC song Winter Village (Villagers' Song Event) 50%
EBroxas-Omonu Lost Bunker (Night Sky) 80%
EBroxas-purple town outside Purple Town 70% (Inside Houses)
100% (Main Area)

EBroxas-seers-room (1) White Spikes World, White Spikes World (Seer's Room, Basement) 50% (Basement)
60% (Main Area)
100% (Seer's Room)

EBroxas-Sky-islands Sky Islands 100%
EBroxas-Snow-inside Winter Village (Inside Most Houses) 60%
EBroxas-Snowy-town Winter Village (Outskirts, Main Town) 50% (Outskirts)
70% (Main Town)

EBroxas-Starfields Star Field 80%
EBroxas-Starplusejapan Tanabata Clouds 80%
Ebroxas-Void-Murals Void Murals 50% (Bleeding Cyclops)
100% (Main Area)

fd-0044 Isometric Street, Pinball Machine, Debug Room 60% (Isometric Street)
90% (Pinball Machine)
110% (Debug Room)

fd-0112 Starlit Road (Inside Geschäft), Neon Park, Alphabet Tower 50% (Geschäft)
60% (Neon Park)
150% (Alphabet Tower)

fd-1216-16000 Kaomoji Mall Various speeds (50% to 70%)

fd-10002 Starlit Road 60% (Main Area)
80% (Oversee)

fd-296_02 Lantern Alley (Alleyway) 70%
fd-296_03 Neon City (After Glitch House event) Various Speeds (80% to 100%)

fd-296_04 Lantern Alley 100%
fd-296_05 Forsaken Cliff (Top of the Tower) 150%
fd-broken1 Metal Mounds (Flesh Trees Event) 50%
fd-crystale Cliffside Temple (Monochrome), Alphabet Tower (Giants Room), Totsutsuki's Nexus 50% (Cliffside Temple)
100% (Giants Room)
130% (Totsutsuki's Nexus)

FD-errorsine Surreal Park (Cinema Cliff) 120%
fd-karasfield Turbine Facility (Fan Room), Kubotsuki's Balcony (times of day), Forsaken Cliff (Tower), Corroded Dream (Inside) Many various speeds
fd-midi9 Beige Box Factory (Upside Down Event Room) 100%
FD-neonpark Surreal Park 80%
FD-neonpark2 Surreal Park (Eye Maze) 60%
fd-noisewhite NES World (Tower Roof), Beige Box Factory, Corroded Dream (Outside) 70% (NES World)
100% (Beige Box Factory)
150% (Corroded Dream)

fd-safe Tranquil Bathhouse, Intro/Character Select Screen 50% (Tranquil Bathhouse), 80% (Intro)
fd-save Computer 100%
fd-sepiaL Surreal Park (Cinema Cliff, after getting Fast Forward Effect) 70%
fd-title Hat Park (X-ray Room), Title Screen 60% (X-ray Room)

fd-tone2b Neon City (Inside Glitch House) 100%
fd-tone3 Lost Bunker (Starting Room), Neon City Glitch House (Outside) 50%, 80%
fd-tone3c Neon City (Glitch House Event) Various speeds
fd-zaku Monochrome Void 100%
gummy-blue lovers3 Bumblebee Lounge (Blue Lovers) 100%
gummy-bumblebee cafe Bumblebee Lounge 100%
gummy-cybercityscape Hotel (Interior) 70%
gummy-dance babe2 Playing Card Maze (Dancing Cards) 100%
gummy-duckhallway2 Hat Park (Duck Hallway), Smile Town (Entrance), Smile Town 80% (Hat Park)
90% (Duck Hallway)
100% (Smile Town)

gummy-eyeball hallway Playing Card Maze (Eyeball Hallway) 50%
gummy-freaking epic rave2 Polygon Place 100%
gummy-freaking epic rave lowpass2 Polygon Place (Inside) 100%
gummy-hexagon land2 Puppet Theatrer 50%
gummy-I HAVE AWOKEN2 Puppet Theater (Anti-Seer Awakening Event) 150%
gummy-i_like_celery2 Shoe Rack (Outside) 50%
gummy-joj piano2 Pink Desert (Rainy Street) 90%
gummy-lockerroomsdotexe Abandoned Pools (Locker Rooms), Pupppet Theater (Anti-Seer's Room) 50% (Locker Rooms)
70% (Anti-Seer's Room)

gummy-lonely waterpark2 Abandoned Pools 70%
gummy-machine in the basement2 Playing Card Maze (Jiggling Face Room), Smile Town (Basement) 60% (Face Room)
100% (Basement)

gummy-ominous factory2 Playing Card Maze 70%
gummy-pink desert2 Pink Desert, Star Cactus Desert 70% (Pink Desert)
80% (Star Cactus Desert)

gummy-purple hat world thingie2 Hat Park 70%
gummy-sleepdeprived2 Alien Plants World 70%
gummy-smiling ocean Kaomoji Mall (Light Spa), Pastel Labyrinth 50% (Light Spa)
100% (Pastel Labyrinth)

gummy-strange_ambience2 Galleta World (Trixie's Trap) 70%
gummy-waynesworld2 Barcode World, Stone Wasteland (Hidden Room) 80% (Barcode World)
100% (Stone Wasteland Room)

Hashtag_underscore_abyss_ejay The Abyss 100%
Jojogape - Acid Waves 2 Toxic Waste Plant 90%
Jojogape - Acid Waves 2 back Toxic Waste Plant (El Bebe Room) 60%
Jojogape - Acid Waves Wire World 70%
Jojogape - Light Breeze Breezy Plains 70%
Jojogape - Oil Paint Sky Paint Sky 100%
Jojogape - Organism Toxic Waste Plant (El Bebe Event) 80%
Jojogape - Sea of Static Sea of Static 80% (Lighthouse)
100% (Main Area)

Jojogape_-_Shivers Lantern Lake 50% (Boat Ride)
80% (Main Area)

Milica_BGM1 Tanunjon 100%
Milica_BGM2_Backbeat Tanunjon (TNEF) 100%
Milica_BGM2-Backbeat Trashy Alleyway, Hotel (Basement) 60% (Hotel, Basement)
90% (Trashy Alleyway)
Milica_BGM3 Bumblebee Lounge (Laboratory), PC98 World (Neighborhood) 50% (Bumblebee Lounge)
70% (PC98 World)

Milica_BGM4 Subconscious Garden, Tanunjon (Glass Window Building) 50% (Subconscious Garden)
100% (Tanunjon)

Milica_BGM6 PC98 World (Hallway) 90%
Nexus-bgm003 Mutant Sunflower World (End of Burnt Cookies Event) 90%
Nexus-bgm004a Shoe Rack (Inside) 70%
Nexus-bgm005 Lamppost World 60%
Nexus-bgm006 Sea 60%
Nexus-bgm009 Mutant Sunflower World (Main Area) 50%
Nexus-bgm013 Violet Caves (Panorama) [[Uneven Dream Wiki:Star Field|Star Field] (Malice's House) 50% (Violet Caves)
70% (Star Field)

Nexus-bgm013-1 Violet Caves, Star Field (Sky Path) 50% (Violet Caves)
120% (Sky Path)

Nexus-bgm014 Crystal Caves (Star Lake) 80%
Nexus-bgm014b White Spikes World (Seer's Awakening Event) 120% (Seer's Awakening Event)
Nexus-bgm020 Sea (Mermaid Effect Room) 90%
Nexus-bgm020a Sprout Desert, Sea (Mermaid Mansion) 70% (Sprout Desert; Entrance)
90% (Sprout Desert)
100% (Mermaid Mansion)

Nexus-bgm021a Duck World, Crystal Caves (Ladder to Malice's House) 70% (Duck World)
80% (Ladder)
Nexus-bgm023 Hat Park (Waiting Room), Eye Dust 50% (Waiting Room)
90% (Eye Dust Main Area)
110% (Eye Dust House)

Nexus-bgm026 Mutant Sunflower World (Grandma's House) 80%
Nexus-bgm028 Mutant Sunflower World (Burnt Cookies Event; Burner) 100%
Nexus-bgm028 without noise Mutant Sunflower World (Burnt Cookies Event) 100%
Nexus-craziness Clownpieces 100%
Nexus-crazinessb White Spikes World (Seer's Awakening Event Start) 120%
Nexus-dadladladladla1 Fast Food World (Main Area) 100%
Nexus-playplayce2_edit Fast Food World (Restaurant) 100%
Nexus-playplayce4 Shoe Rack (Slide Ladder) 100%
Nexus-playplayce5 Shoe Rack (Slide Top) 100%
Nexus-sunflower Mutant Sunflower World (Entrance) 100%
olmmusic1 Broken World 100%
olmmusic_cavecorrupt Broken World (Cave, after getting effect) 50%
olmmusic_cavenormal Broken World (Cave, before getting effect) 50%
OutlanderS3S-Rolling Waves Twilight Garden 100%
OutlanderS3S-trickle1 Clash of Mutated Forms (Main Area) 100%
OutlanderS3S-trickle2 Clash of Mutated Forms (Caves) 100%
QMark-AstrallSky Astral Ruins 60%
QMark-BGMWhat Turbine Facility, Grayscale Gardenscape (Sunken Church), Concrete Treehouse (Inside, Arcade Machine) 50% (Turbine Facility, Arcade Machine)
70% (Grayscale Gardenscape)
100% (Concrete Treehouse)

QMark-BubblesAmb Concrete Treehouse (Arcade Machine) 50%
QMark-Musicboxperiod Neon Village (Blockgirl's Flight Event) 100%
QMark-NaturalArcadea Concrete Treehouse (Arcade) 80% (Specific Arcade Machine)
100% (Arcade)

QMark-Neneon Lightbulb World 100%
QMark-NeonVillage Neon Village 100%
QMark-NeonVillageTWO Neon Village (Inside) 100%
QMark-PaleLavenderColored Turbine Facility (Car Room) 100%
QMark-PaleLavenderScented Galleta World (Trixie's House), Turbine Facility (Kite Room) 90% (Galleta World)
100% (Turbine Facility)

QMark-Pipeswithgrass Grassy Pipes 100%
Question Mark - 78 Skidoo Cube Road (78 Skidoo Event) 100%
Question Mark - cerebisected Grayscale Gardenscape 50% (Outside, Path to Sunken Church)
100% (Mr. Miserable's Room)

Question Mark - Cold Ancient Cosmic Metal Chord Metal Mounds 50%
Question Mark - Death Lullaby Sandy Showroom 50%
Question Mark - Death Lullabyreversed Sandy Showroom (The Guts), Concrete Treehouse (Arcade Machine) 50% (Sandy Showroom)
150% (Concrete Treehouse)

Question Mark - Estrada Underwater Subway, Cube Road 50% (Underwater Subway)
60% (Cube Road)

Question Mark - Fabricamento Lonely Alley, Beige Box Factory 50% (Beige Box Factory; Outside)
60% (Lonely Alley, Beige Box Factory; Inside)

Question Mark - oncologic Cube Road (Green Organism and Path) 70%
Question Mark - Way of the Dreamy Mime Subconscious Garden (Entrance Panoramas), Lantern Alley (TV) Beige Box Factory (Upside Down) 110% (Lantern Alley, Subconscious Garden)
150% (Beige Box Factory)

Question Mark - Way of the Mime 1 Grayscale Gardenscape (Various Rooms), Butterfly Forest (Mime Hole, Pencil Room), 50% (Butterfly Forest; Pencil Room)
70% (Grayscale Gardenscape; Most Rooms)
100% (Mime Hole)

Question Mark - Way of the Mime 2 Butterfly Forest (Mime Hole) 100%
Question Mark-Dirty Cyan and Bloody Red Windmill Lake, Grayscale Gardenscape (Deer Head Room) 50% (Windmill Lake; Panorama, Grayscale Gardenscape; Deer Head Room)
80% (Windmill Lake)

sniperbob-boardonmyheadHAHA Nail Board 100%
sniperbob-braincannibal Congregation Island 60%
sniperbob-chipstuckinthroat Red and Blue Passage 100%
sniperbob-fingerbitingoff Congregation Island (Cheese Area) 100%
sniperbob-pencilinmynose Floating Lamp World 100%
sniperbob-teratoma Teratoma World 100%
stylzm_machinery1 Stone Wasteland (Teru Teru Bōzu Path) 100%
stylzm_wasteland Stone Wasteland 80%
TK-1-CrystallineDream Crystal Caves 90%

BGM (Older Versions/Obsolete)

Track Name Location/Event Music Notes
Sushi-296_05 Title Screen Replaced in 0.03
Sushi-tone2b2 Intro/Warning Screen Plays at 130%. Replaced in 0.03
Sushi-296_02 Character Select Plays at 140%. Replaced in 0.03
Nexus-bgm014b Totsutsuki's Intro Starts at 60%, gradually goes up throughout the map. Removed in 0.03
5088_1333571626 Kubotsuki's Intro (Outside)/Kubotsuki's Balcony Removed/replaced in 0.03
Sushi-buzz Kubotsuki's Intro (Elevator/Inside Building)/Kubotsuki's Dream Room
Kubotsuki's Dream Room BGM plays at 50%. Removed/replaced in 0.03
080412_051514_d50 Totsutsuki's Room Plays at 70%. Replaced in 0.03
loop_117 Totsutsuki's Dream Room/Totsutsuki's Nexus Plays at 50%. Replaced in 0.03
sushi-broken1 Kuboa Event (Room) Removed in 0.02
sushi-broken3 Kuboa Event (Waking up) 130% speed. Removed in 0.02
Nexus-bgm015 Kuboa Event (Waking up 2) 50% speed. Removed in 0.02
Nexus-bgm011 Computer Room Removed in 0.03
SesakaTH-Rolling Waves Twilight Garden Replaced by OutlanderS3S-Rolling Waves in 0.05a, but still in the files
SesakaTH-trickle1 Clash of Mutated Forms (Outside) Replaced by OutlanderS3S-trickle1 in 0.05a, but still in the files
SesakaTH-trickle2 Clash of Mutated Forms (Inside) Replaced by OutlanderS3S-trickle2 in 0.05a, but still in the files