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YN Mars.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)




Events UFOs on Mars
Notable NPCs Mars-san, UFO
Connecting Areas


BGM 火星
BGM_006 (Mars-san)
Map ID 0168 (Crash Site)

0169 (Flat path)

0170 (Start of hill)

0171 (Hill slope)

0172 (Summit)

0173 (Underground stairs)

0174 (Mars Underground)

Map Type Small, Non-looping, Multiple maps
Version Added 0.10

Mars is one of the many deeper locations in the game, discovered after the Spaceship crash lands on the planet via an event.

Map of Mars


Mars largely resembles pictures of the namesake planet's surface: an orange desert-like area with many scattered stones and small hills in the background. The area is a dead-end and is entirely made up of one straightforward path ending in a summit. Returning to the Spaceship will not return Madotsuki to any other dream world, and Seccom masada-sensei will simply emit a slow tone when interacted with. To escape Mars, the player must either pinch themselves awake or use the Medamaude effect to return to the Nexus.

At the very left side of the area is a short hill with a hole emitting smoke at the top. Standing at the top of this hill and repeatedly using the Cat effect will cause UFOs to appear in the sky, each spinning at various speeds. Using the Midget effect to fit through the hole in the summit will lead to the Martian Underground.

Mars Underground

The Mars Underground is a much drearier place compared to the area's surface. Inside is a stairway that leads deep underground to where Mars-san can be found standing alongside a machine resembling a broken down train with flames coming out of it. The area has a somber tune playing in the background, consisting of a rain-like ambiance and five notes played on a piano.


Although there are five normal beds found throughout the dream world, which all lead to the Staircase of Hands and eventually Mars, the shortest route starts by using the bed in Madotsuki's Dream Room.


  • In the ChipSet for the underground area, there are sprites for a door that fits perfectly on the wall next to Mars-san, possibly meaning that the area was going to connect to more places.
    • There are also unused wall lights and unused floor graphics that resemble the Mars underground walls, possibly meaning the Mars underground could've been expanded into its own area.
The unused door.
  • In the ChipSet for the main area, there is an unused graphic of stairs leading to the underground area. Interestingly, there is also code still left in the unpatched version of the game that would put these near the hole on the summit, meaning that you originally didn't have to use the Midget effect to access it.
Some unused stairs.
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Small +, Non-looping +  and Multiple maps +
168 (Crash Site) +, 169 (Flat path) +, 170 (Start of hill) +, 171 (Hill slope) +, 172 (Summit) +, 173 (Underground stairs) +  and 174 (Mars Underground) +
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