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Yume 2kki:Hidden Shoal

Hidden Shoal
Basic Info
Original Name(s)





WP #224 & #243
Menu Theme #8

Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Forest Pier

Removed Connections

Blue Cactus Islands
Neon Sea


e6 (No. 237H)

Map ID 0531, 0841
Primary Author


Contributing Author(s)

shigurin, noildoof

The Hidden Shoal is an area accessible from the Forest Pier.

Map of the Hidden Shoal


The Hidden Shoal is a light area covered in a shallow sea, embodied by viridian islands in odd swirling formations, one large group forming an Aztec-styled man, with coral scattered throughout the area. Several featureless transparent people slowly wade through the waters, destined to wander until time's unwinding. Old, damaged vending machines and benches can also be found submerged by the shoal's water.

Southeast of the entrance is a rock formation surrounded by deep water. In the center of it is a blue egg, which will grant Menu Theme #8 upon interaction.

A pink conic house, similar to a certain girl's home, is located deeper in the area. As of version 0.119d Patch 1, the inside of the house is no longer accessible from this area and must accessed via Neon Sea or Blue Cactus Islands instead.


  • This world highly resembles The Pink Sea from Yume Nikki, up to the point of having a saturated pink-striped conic house deeper in the area. It is similar to the False Shoal in this regard.
  • This world was removed from the game in version 0.113 (Wataru's Patch).
    • It was readded in version 0.119d Patch 1, though the cone pink house that used to be linked to Marina's House, and by proxy, the Neon Sea, is now inaccessible.
      • The conical house, in an even older version, led to a room similar in nature to Poniko's room, where the light switch had a 1/45 chance of triggering an event not unlike the Uboa event. Interacting with the monster that the girl transformed into from there would send Urotsuki to a black area, surrounded by the five people from the room's posters, waking her up.

Old Images


If Forest Pier has been visited before: