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    Yume 2kki:Blue Cactus Islands

    Blue Cactus Islands
    Blue Cactus Islands Entrance from Hidden Shoal.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Ao Saboten-jima

    Effects EffectNone

    WP #491
    Menu Theme #20

    Events None
    Notable NPCs Marina, The Merman, Sea Lion, Lavender
    Connecting Areas

    Graffiti City
    Neon Sea

    Removed Connections

    Hidden Shoal

    BGM moseni_freesia (No. 385A)
    bgm011 (Mirror Lake) (No. 260F)
    JTSY2-BGM002 (Golden Sky Bridge) (No. 553)
    Map ID 0835, 0842, 1020, 1774
    Version Added 0.107h
    Last Updated 0.119b patch 2
    Primary Author noildoof
    Contributing Author(s) shigurin, Autumn, Horatsuki

    Blue Cactus Islands is an area accessible from the Graffiti City.

    Map of the Blue Cactus Islands


    Blue Cactus Islands is a vast, looping world where the land made of pink sand takes on the shape of aquatic creatures. Colorful cacti, as well as sand buildings that facilitate navigation between each of the islands fill the lands, and flying blue fish can be witnessed during Urotsuki's journey in this peaceful area.

    If you reach this world from Marina's House, Urotsuki will find herself in the biggest of the islands. Following the straightforward path will lead to a group of buildings and three magenta flowers in the middle. The leftmost door leads to the Golden Sky Bridge (琥珀色の雲海, Amber Sea of Clouds) sub area. The rightmost door leading to the fish-shaped island, where a building on what would be the fish's fin leads to a room containing an Egg that will grant Menu Theme #20 upon interaction. A narrow path west from there will end in a building that takes Urotsuki to the jellyfish-shaped island. From there, the island starts off with a residential area with a gray vending machine and an amphibian creature. One of the buildings within the lower portion of the jellyfish-shaped island will allow Urotsuki to go into the water, and just beside said building is a taller one that leads to Mirror Lake. When traveling the waters, you can encounter a purple sea lion who takes on a humanoid form when the Glasses effect is equipped, a big sandy structure, and an orange merman, sitting on a small plot of sand. The merman reacts to several effects:

    • The Chainsaw effect will make his tail wave faster, as he is uneasy to see Urotsuki hold such a dangerous weapon.
    • The Penguin effect will result in him having a pleased expression; a reaction that's reminiscent of a certain sea sponge.

    West of the jellyfish-shaped island is an isolated island, accessible from the ocean proper, where a well-made sand castle surrounded by several corals, can be found. This castle leads to the clothes shop in Graffiti City.

    Mirror Lake

    Mirror Lake is a relatively small area, with a lavender-colored horizon spanning the place, and towering, monolithic structures in the background. Going to the rightmost section, you will encounter a girl named Lavender sitting on top of one of the monoliths, and next to the monolith is a hospital bed. Walking up to any part of the background and pressing the interact key will make the camera scroll up, revealing the vast, purple sky.

    Golden Sky Bridge

    The Golden Sky Bridge is a linear area of a long neon bridge extending over a golden sky. In the background angels can be seen flying above and an angelic-like whale can be seen emerging from the clouds. Facing toward the whale and pressing the interact key will allow a full view of it. At the end of the bridge, a construction sign can be found, hinting at a future connection.


    After visiting the Industrial Waterfront once:

    After unlocking the connection from Fantasy Isle to Animal Heaven:

    If the connection from Urotsuki's Dream Apartments to Sugar Road is active: