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Yume Nikki:FC World B

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FC World B
Basic Info

EffectBuyo buyo

Events None
Notable NPCs Buyo Buyo, Pirori, Lizardman, FC Demon
Connecting Areas

Barracks Settlement NoEntry
FC House NoReturn

BGM わすれられたほこら (FC Pyramid)
こだいのいせき (FC Ruins)
いかる ひのやま (FC Overworld)
Map ID 0146 (FC Pyramids)

0151 (FC Cave first room)

0152 (FC Cave Buyo Buyo)

0154 (Pirori Shore)

0158 (Main FC World)

Map Type Medium, Non-looping, Multiple maps
Version Added 0.07

FC World B is a deeper location that is part of the overarching FC Worlds. It can be accessed by talking to a certain Pirori in the Barracks Settlement, randomly selected once you enter that area.

Map of Famicom World's Overworld


When Madotsuki is teleported to FC World B by the Pirori in the Barracks Settlement, the room changes to a shore-like area with head statues and three Famicom-style Pirori wandering the room. Going south will lead to the overworld of FC World B.

In the overworld, there are two points of interest. Going southwest of the Pirori room will take you to the FC Cave, located in the palm of a dirt path resembling a hand, while heading northwest of the FC Cave entrance leads to the FC Pyramids.

In the FC Cave, the Lizardmen NPCs roam around. There are red totems in front of a small water pool in the center of the first room. A Lizardman can be found near this centered area. A staircase can be accessed by looping around the outer walls and moving around a Lizardman. Upon going down the stairs, there is another room with a sole Lizardman. What appears to be the cave wall takes up the north of the area, giving the area its name. Following the bridges to the southeast corner of this room reveals Buyo Buyo surrounded by totems, who gives the Buyo Buyo effect upon interaction.

In the northwestern section of FC World B is the FC Pyramids. The room is filled with pyramids and seemingly nothing else, though there is a 1/8 chance of finding the FC Demon when the player enters the room. If the Demon effect is equipped before entering, the FC Demon will always appear. Interacting with the FC Demon takes Madotsuki to the FC Demon's Room in the FC House, and interacting with them again while in the FC Demon Room will net you the Demon effect if you haven't obtained it already.


NexusDark WorldWildernessBarracks Settlement → FC World B


  • Due to a minor difference with the tiles of the map in version 0.08, about half of the map (as well as the pyramid area) is inaccessible. This is the only version found so far to have this change.
    • Additionally, the room containing Buyo Buyo was originally dark in version 0.08, which required the Lamp effect to be used to light up the room. This suggests the area was indeed intended to be a cave.
  • Some of the volcano/lava formations in the FC World B overworld map resemble the playable character in NASU.
  • FC World B is the only FC location in the game that does not require first entering the Static Maze or Static Tunnel.


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Medium +, Non-looping +  and Multiple maps +
FC世界(右手側) +
146 (FC Pyramids) +, 151 (FC Cave first room) +, 152 (FC Cave Buyo Buyo) +, 154 (Pirori Shore) +  and 158 (Main FC World) +