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    Yume 2kki:Glitched Butterfly Sector

    Glitched Butterfly Sector
    Glitched butterfly sector.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)


    Effects EffectNone

    WP #499

    Events None
    Notable NPCs Shimako
    Connecting Areas

    Oblique Hell
    Sierpinski Maze LockedCondition🔐

    Removed Connections

    Bubble World

    BGM 夜のイカ(51s) (No. 567A)
    kappa_13 (White Lily Path) (No. 399B)
    nami (TV Eye Room)
    Map ID 1887, 1888, 1889
    Version Added 0.119b patch 12
    Last Updated 0.122g
    Author qxy

    Glitched Butterfly Sector is an area accessible from Oblique Hell.

    Map of Glitched Butterfly Sector.
    Map of both White Lily Paths.


    The main section of this world comparatively small in size, extremely colorful and flashy in appearance and packed with surrealist imagery, such as headless sculptures, blossoming flowers, and mysterious symbols. The screen will infrequently distort and fragment not unlike a broken television screen, and will turn a deep blue in time with the music. Here, the player will emerge from a colorful set of stained-glass doors and find themselves in an elaborate grid of colorful butterflies as squids fly past. Some of the empty "squares" amongst the butterflies contain overlays of a static-laden television screen.

    Upon approaching a particular blank square in the far east of the map (or southeast depending on entry), another screen will appear before a player containing an inverted pyramid. Interacting with it will bring you to the TV Eye Room indicated by the constant screen glitch effect while standing on the screen. When the area turns blue, Shimako may be seen here, looking around. If you have entered Red Sewers from Guts World, then the screen will instead bring you to the white void area of Home Within Nowhere, making it impossible to progress to Sierpinski Maze. Shimako will be absent if this happens.

    TV Eye Room

    After interacting with the inverted pyramid, you'll be lead to a monochrome corridor containing a large array of television screens, some of which display elaborate eyes, as well as some white streetlamps and traffic barriers. This is simply a short transitional area that will take you to Sierpinski Maze upon reaching the other side.

    White Lily Path

    This is a linear transitional zone reminiscent of the Footprint Path from Yume Nikki where you will arrive when entering from Oblique Hell. Many of the headless sculptures from the main area can be found here among the trail, as well as televisions. As Urotsuki walks on the flowery path, the white flowers will briefly turn red before fading to white again.

    White Lily Path A

    The area with the flower display.
    Interacting with the TV.

    Immediately before the entrance to the main area, one can find a television next to a tall, blinking stem with leaves. Interacting with the television will open an interface where various white dots appear to move in a hypnotizing manner. The television screen has three input values, being two 2-digit numbers and a 4-digit number (an additional third 2-digit value will be added if the Cake effect is equipped). The player can increase or decrease these input values as they see fit using the arrow keys, which will affect how these dots move. By closing the television screen, the dots will be seen at the top of the stem, seemingly resembling a flower.

    Various effects will change these numbers or trigger unique behaviors in interesting ways:

    • Equipping the Fairy effect will cause the dots to move in petal-like formations. Using the effect will reset the dots to a four-petalled flower shape.
    • Equipping the Rainbow effect will turn the dots multicolored. Using the effect will set the input values to 01, 01, 0006, causing the dots to move in a perfect, rainbow circle.
    • The Child effect will make the dots move in a tighter-knit group, appearing smaller.
    • Equipping the Glasses effect will make the dots move backwards. Using the effect will cause the dots to form two circles, resembling a set of eyes.
    • Using the Eyeball Bomb effect will cause the dots to move very quickly and erratically as Urotsuki's head-fuse lights up. Once Urotsuki's head explodes, the dots fly offscreen in different directions.
    • Using the Invisible effect will cause the dots to disappear, reappearing when Urotsuki becomes visible again.
    • Equipping the Cake effect will make the dots form an oval and add an additional two-digit input value. Using the effect will set the values to 12, 08, 14, 0110, resembling a triangle.
    • Equipping the Tissue effect will make the dots quickly move left and right, almost in a coil pattern.
    • Using the Polygon effect will form a square that erratically moves in place.
    • Equipping the Teru Teru Bōzu effect will make the dots form two rotating curves.
    • Equipping the Grave effect will form a stack of three diamonds.
    • Using the Crossing effect will freeze the dots in place.
    • Equipping the Dice effect will make the dots into a square until the effect is used. Once used, the number that the Dice effect lands on will be reflected on the flower (for example, rolling a five will result in five flower dots). Rolling an eye with the effect will cause the dots to form two quickly-moving orbital circles.

    At the end of this path leads out to Glitched Butterfly Sector with the left door opened.

    White Lily Path B

    From the northern path of the First-Person Maze in Oblique Hell, you may find many static screens showing the mannequins present in Glitched Butterfly Sector with TVs near them. Interacting with the TVs will cause the mannequin to glitch into a colorful mess for a brief second before returning to normal or display a colorful lily instead. At the end of this path is a lone mannequin surrounded by four stems like Path A. This path leads to Glitched Butterfly Sector with the right door opened.


    If you have visited Red Sewers at least once and have the Cake effect: (Note: you cannot proceed to Sierpinski Maze when using the shortcut from Guts World to Red Sewers)

    With the Marginal and Cake effect, after visiting the Red Sewers and the balcony in Guts World at least once and unlocking the connection from Broken Faces Area to Dream Park: (Note: you cannot proceed to Sierpinski Maze when using the shortcut from Guts World to Red Sewers)


    • Prior to 0.120d patch 10, this area used to be accessed through the Blood Factory, an early version of Red Sewers, via Bubble World.