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Yume 2kki:Monochrome School

Monochrome School
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Monochrome School




WP #455

Events None
Notable NPCs

Monochrome Schoolgirl, Surimuki

Connecting Areas

Monochrome Mansion
Restored Vantablack World
Neon Suburbs


bgm7b (No. 547)

Map ID 1569, 1570
Primary Author


Contributing Author(s)

qxy, MymeType

The Monochrome School is an area accessed through the Escherian Passage in the Monochrome Mansion.

Map of the Interior
Map of the Exterior of the Monochrome School


Upon arriving in the Monochrome School area you will emerge from a small white grainy building with several monochrome flowers blowing in the wind behind a fence. Heading south in these outskirts will lead you to a path of symbol tiles that, when stepped on, make various sounds. Heading southwest from this will take you to a small intersection with lampposts in each cardinal direction. Heading west down the tiled road and heading up the northeast path will take you to the schoolyard and the school itself. Just northeast of the fenced-in schoolyard is a white box that leads to Restored Vantablack World when interacted with.

The school itself is a building consisting of three floors with the floor consisting of the same symbol tiles seen outside. Heading to the classroom on the left will take you to a room full of desks with their legs stretching high up. A ladder can also be seen on the wall, yet cannot be scaled sitting alongside the chalkboards which are also high up. Leaving this room and entering the door on the left will lead you to a small room with a rainbow door that leads to Neon Suburbs. Entering the classroom on the right leads to a seemingly odd room with several desks and a very high ceiling.

Heading to the next floor and entering the first classroom you see leads to a room with the Monochrome Schoolgirl with several clocks on the backwall. Equipping the Chainsaw will cause her to frantically approach you. Entering the next room leads to an ordinary classroom.

Heading to the next floor and entering the next classroom will lead you to a frantically moving girl blocked off by desks and chairs with あ's on the chalkboard. Equipping the Chainsaw effect will cause her to go into shock. While the Marginal effect will cause her to invert colors and her face will morph into one massive eye. In the next classroom the perspective is flipped but otherwise is seemingly ordinary. Heading to the next floor will lead to the rooftop where a single girl can be found walking around who seems to have taken a nearly fatal fall. This girl appears to be Surimuki, who is also found in a select few locations.


If the connection from Urotsuki's Dream Apartments to Sugar Road is active:

After unlocking the connection to the Monochrome Wastelands from Rough Ash World: